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  • mark bradley – temple music – golden cloud tapes

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    After a two year hiatus, im stoked to finally release the third Golden Cloud tape; Mark Bradley “Temple Music”. It was originally released as a cdr back in 2011, but unfortunately was very limited. Temple Music is not just the album title, but also the idea and the aesthetic.
    Mark creates such wonderful ambient / electronic music that can really pull you into another world, but what’s really impressive is how he manages to do it with such a minimal amount of layers, which is uncommon among a lot of drone / ambient music.
    All fifteen tracks from the album play out with so much more life by allowing the ears to have more breathing room rather than being buried in sound. That breathing room can then enable the music to interact with your surroundings and seem to almost play along. Between the moody ambient drifting and uplifting piano melodies, some beat driven tracks appear and give the album such great balance.
    This tape is a great addition to any MB collection, or any cassette collection in general. Limited to 100 pro-duplicated high bias chrome tapes with imprinting. Inserts and J-cards all pro-printed and hand cut.

  • mark bradley – offerings – cosmic winnetou

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    chrome tape,
    home-dubbed on akai tape deck in real time.
    professionally printed j-card.
    artwork by rahel & floyd.
    limited to 50 hand-numbered copies.

    we are not good in words, therefore we make music.
    florian schneider
    mark bradley obviously loves this quote. but just by listening to “offerings” you sense his deep knowledge of the 70s german kosmische musik. the feeling of everything is kept in slow motion while playing the tape. stumbling over melted moonlight with the wisdom of supernatural probabilities. timeless structures switching to freeway notions. your fingers producing traces while moved in front of your eyes. power plants humming in the dark, irrlicht between your feet.
    but besides this kosmische quality bradleys music has structure. the track order is like a big cycle, the tracks themselves sometimes like songs, droning verse, minimalist chorus, droning verse. tape slicing copy and paste anachronisms. superb.
    kraftwerk’s conceptionalism combined with high quality kosmische lift off. you will love it.