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  • michael saunders – dust dye – blue pole recordings

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    … songs from another time chopped up and recontextualized, strange loops, astral sounds, harsh noise crescendos, etc. Side A a bit harsher while Side B allows the listener to relax and reflect. Songs made over a years time.

  • michael saunders/ john sandìa – split – blue pole recordings

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    Michael Saunders opens Side A with fucked up, spaced out tape loops, junk metal scrapings, and other weird indiscernible sounds that at times sounds like you’re watching a shitty 80’s television in a cave being recorded far away and mixed by a psychopath. John Sandìa’s (aka Pierrot Lunaire) first release under his new moniker gives you a peek at what he’s now dreaming up. His past few releases have hinted at what he is now doing with insane sax jams and sounds created with anything usable within arms reach. This recording utilizes those expressions and buries them beneath a wash of noise forcing multiple listens revealing subtleties.