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  • mike shiflet – omnivores – lost treasures of the underworld

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    released Spring 2010

    Debut solo LP by Shiflet . Although,this guy has laid down more tracks than Union Pacific in the last 10+ years. Known here by the locals as the gift that keeps on giving. And he brings it home extra hot with this earth-rattler . Omnivores will take root to your record player once it has been played. Edition of 300 copies w/ pro-printed covers.

  • mike shiflet – seagulls -hyperdelic

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    Another outstanding outing from this Ohio native. Grains circle and spit up dust in a full on attack of the cerebral senses. Long, subtle low drones reveal themselves in hugely abundant musical textures. Very close attention paid to every detail and the mix of it all is just top notch. There is really any more I can say about this. Its Mike Shiflet and it rules in the Mike Shiflet kinda zone. Limited to 75 copies on a green tinted shell with full color J-Card and an additional insert by the artist

  • mike shiflet – honeyed crest – nna

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    Mike Shiflet conjures a harrowing atmosphere of dark, melodic storm clouds on “Honeyed Crest”. A dense fog of organic buzz permeates through both sides of the tape, only to be pierced by a siren’s choir of shimmering, jagged guitar fuzz. As always, Shiflet expertly holds a microscope to texture and detail, creating a massive entity of cascading melody and contemplative sound.