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  • moon unit – hell horse and heady stratus – blackest rainbow

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    “Where to start? Upon hearing this new LP from Moon Unit it is immediately apparent that this Glaswegian trio stand apart from a lot of the psyche out new boys on the block. Perhaps because they feature Nackt Insecten himself, Ruaraidh Sanachan, Andreas Jonsson of Lanterns, and Peter Kelly. When I first heard this completed LP after a few different incarnations, I was really blown away… the previous versions that had dropped through my mailbox were really something, but this, the final version, is unreal in its sheer goodness. The five jams on this LP make up one of the best psyche out, freak out full lengths I’ve heard this year. It’s an incredible record filled with furiously wild drum explosions, keyboard zone outs, sci-fi guitar shredding, and wailing feedback. It really seems to perfectly blend some of the best sounds that have occurred in the UK over the last few years, cannot recommend highly enough. Play as loud as you can! If you were into Nacket Insecten’s Quantum Odyssey LP on Blackest Rainbow, you will love this for sure, and if you’re just into wild free music such as Vibracathedral Orchestra, grab a copy of this beast! Edition of 500, with cover design by Jake Blanchard (the man behind Menagerie). Pressed on heavyweight virgin vinyl.”