motion sickness of time travel

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  • motion sickness of time travel – alpha piscium – hooker vision

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    With Alpha Piscium, Rachel Evans returns to the cassette format after nearly a year’s worth of monthly, self-released compact discs. The music on Alpha Piscium was mostly recorded in spring of 2013 but was left to ferment for a year while Evans continued work on her ongoing, monthly CD series. Dense, ever-changing, flirting occasionally with darker textures, the pixelated landscape conjured on Alpha Piscium represents the high point of Rachel’s recorded work. Intended as a proper followup to the widely acclaimed self titled release, Alpha Piscium finds Rachel further refining and expanding her sonic palette while not loosing sight of her, by now, signature sound..

  • motion sickness of time travel – luminaries & synastry

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    lp/pink vinyl

    Motion Sickness of Time Travel’s Rachel Evans proper follow-up to 2010’s acclaimed Seeping Through The Veil Of The Unconscious. Over the course of numerous limited releases, Evans has showcased a natural ability to construct floating sound worlds that immerse the listener in an aural cocoon. With Luminaries & Synastry, she’s ready to unleash a whole different kind of voodoo. Recorded through the latter part of 2010, these songs are darker and more condensed, with Evans’ voice sitting even more prominently in the mix. Her synth work is effortless and mesmerizing, adding the perfect accompaniment to those vocals which are, as ever, the star of the show. On the opening “Luminaries,” rhythmically hypnotic synth chords provide a gaseous backbone while Evans pierces the darkness with her voice. It’s a perfect foreshadowing for what’s to follow on the rest of the album, and “Synastry” follows and unfurls in a minimal and haunted fashion, reveling in its simplicity, finding a perfect balance between grounded effervescence and astral projection. Skeletal rhythms and sunburned arpeggios return on album centerpiece “Day Glow,” dripping in miserable beauty — the song makes vague kosmische nods and paints a thick coat of sublime whimsy to fill in the cracks. When it reaches its peak — it’s just absolutely devastating. Heading toward the finish line, bombarded by gorgeous, revolving synthesizer passages on “Eight Nineteen” and the blissed-out “The Walls Were Dripping Stars,” it’s clear that Luminaries & Synastry offers something special in the ever-expanding discography of one of the year’s finest new voices. Artwork by Hobo Cult’s Frank Ouellette. The audio has been re-mastered and cut to vinyl at Dubplates and Mastering, Berlin. On pink vinyl. The included CD contains the entire album, plus two bonus tracks not on vinyl.

  • motion sickness of time travel ‎– ballade for a cold moon – self released

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    Recorded at home by Rachel Evans.
    December 2013 – synthesizer and voice.

    Self-released CDr and digital download.
    CDr limited edition of 50.

    Editions include a color labeled CDr housed in a gatefold natural cardboard jacket. Jacket has a 2-color monoprint cover in either white and metallic silver or white and metallic gold. Also includes two natural cardstock inserts, one with image/info and one with hand-numbering in an ink that matches metallic color.

  • motion sickness of time travel – seeping through the veil of the unconscious

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    slight seam split on top of jacket

    Motion Sickness of Time Travel is the solo moniker of La Grange, Georgia’s Rachel Evans. She also plays in the duo, Quiet Evenings, with her husband and runs the Hooker Vision label with him as well. And while she’s done some really great stuff, this album takes all of it, everything, to incredible new heights.

    Evans concocts five whirlwind romances all in the space of less than an hour. Beauty, magic and bleeding effervescence come together in perfect harmony. Vague electro meanderings hide hints of early Grouper as Evans’ compositions sing like an ecstatic choir. While the songs are built around vaguely-catchy, repetitive synth backbones, she laces an incredible array of instrumental layers between those bones creating music that is as dense and complex as it is continous. Yet, the real star here is her voice. sometimes its at the fore, other times its buried underneath the plodding keys but it never gets lost and always shines.

    As the opening chords and rising whispers of “Clairvoyance” begin, you are immediately immersed into the well. Evans’ voice sings haunted, wordless lullabies that sound distant and strange yet oddly comforting. The entire aural world of “Seeping” is populated with ghosts, haunting the crevices between notes and adding a beguiling sense of complexity. With heavy kraut influences, “Mental Projection” is a midnight gem while the dark, rhythmic sequences of “Telepathy” would perfectly fill the halls of a spectral ballroom. These kraut and electronic leanings are part of what give Motion Sickness of Time Travel such a distinct sound. This is stunning music and an album that further unfolds with each and every listen.

  • quiet evenings- intrepid trips – hooker vision

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    Initiation. Design. Strange talismans and insignias. The path of the Quiet Evening is revealed to the true seeker. Washes of illumination. The toadstools of fairytales and the stoned ape. The curtain is drawn.

    Purple marbled vinyl with metallic gold and black label. Full color jackets with black and white insert. Art by Grant Evans. Edition of 300.

  • seziki tetrasheaf / quiet evenings – split – hooker vision / rotifer

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    In celebration of Rotifer’s 50th and Hooker Vision’s 100th releases, the two labels have teamed up to offer a commemorative split LP between the labels’ flagship bands, Seziki Tetrasheaf and Quiet Evenings.
    The A side begins with Seziki’s lost and found shuffle of mildewed grooves. Hazy recollections. Deep humidity.
    On the flip, QE cool things down a bit with a bubbling hymn to the ocean and her mysteries. Lost in waves. Floating.
    Black vinyl with metallic silver and black label. Full color, shrink-wrapped jackets. Art by Jeffry Astin, David Toro, and Grant and Rachel Evans. Edition of 300.
    Mastered by Keith Fullerton Whitman.

  • motion sickness of time travel / nova scotian arms – slow architecture – sweat lodge guru

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    used, great shape

    Packaged in a large plastic case.
    Edition of 100 copies.

  • motion sickness of time travel ‎– ballades – hooker vision

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    was gonna hold on to this beautiful collection for myself but Im not sure when ill get the chance to fully absorb it and I know there are folks out there who will really revel in these so with much regret im letting this one go.

  • various – climax #3 – cloud valley recordings

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    motion sickness of time travel / nova scotian arms / hobo cubes / ambrose oak / sundrips
    killer 4 cassette box set from the great and unfortunately late cloud valley label. used but maybe not?