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  • muntjac + furly crow – split

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    a smeargulated collection acoustic improvs, coast to coast woodland diddling, field recordings, and minimalist experimentation. vibes go from mellow porch jams, to nocturnal and creepy, to just plain weird. birds are burbling, banjos are bonging, beasts are bumbling breathily.

  • muntjac – warp

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    Paul Grimes, member of the now defunct DEATH CHANTS walks a surprisingly
    personal path on this album. very outside the common psychedelic genre
    he draws a path of his own. on WARP, Grimes scrapes together a faboulous
    blend of easy listening, light marbles and more retro space tunes. a hot
    mix of elements of KITARO, JOE MEEK, and even some hits of an
    introspective DENNIS WIZE. fantastic stuff for the upcoming summer