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  • mv & ee – alpha lyrae – child of microtones

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    our first ever private press LP will be out in mid-late august via our CHILD OF MICROTONES, heavy duty vinyl, produced in SPECTRASOUND and lovingly printed by VGkids with deep denim blueblack and metallic silver ink. it will also be available via a limited edition of 99 cdr and digital download via midheaven/revolver.

    we are also offering an advance and very special limited edition of 25 test pressing copies with handpainted covers. these are all different but in the style pictured below. the sleeves are sweet recycled “kraft” stock. they will have an 8×11 insert and the labels are “generic” test pressing proprietary to the plant. these are available only from us direct, right here and right now…while supplies last.

  • mv & ee – shade grown – child of microtones

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    limited edition of 99 deluxe handmade cd on C.O.M.
    hand bound, stamping, booklet, download slip, love

    Studio C.O.M.’s from MV & EE have been rare these days with recent rockets being in the form of the most righteous and mighty live excursions into unknown jam galaxies thru song form (dig the heroines, box sets and residencies!). However, time was when the Child Of Microtones sound worlds were exploding with the most unique and highly personalized solar systems of pre-war/post Takoma environs colliding like COMets with black ark pods from the tapers section. On “Shade Grown” sweet new MV & EE are back in that orbit fusing all that they can give and more to keep America beautiful. Go DIY army, this is greenspace…throw away yr armaments and trade the electric mower for headphones. This is perhaps the closest Spectra, Matt & Erika have come to dub, The ONE could get lost in these tunes/jams for many spins. Bring on hyperspace awareness, you could be in yr very own room beyond inside out and feel all they are right beside you, just like spectrasound wanted you to be.

    Special guests/skypilots from the good ol’ Golden Road: Jeremy Earl (Woods), Michael Flower (Vibracathedral Orchestra), Matt Lajoie (Herbcraft), Doc Dunn, Muskox, Paulie G, Rafi Bookstaber, Carson “Smokehound” Arnold, Rongoose (Blueberry Honey/Causa Sui/Sunburned Hand Of The Man).

  • mv & ee – hick smoke – manhand

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    originally released by com in an edition of 99 copies on cdr. here it is for manhand’s new vinyl campaign remastered and re-edtited by mv in spectrsound. comes in a one-side screenprinted / one side paste on with an insert, bagged. featuring contributions from the golden road (doc dunn/mike smith), jeremy earl (woods), asa irons (feathers, witch)… edition of only 300 copies. sweet vinyl upgrade!

  • mv & ee – space homestead – woodsist

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    Apart from the fact that “MV & EE” is slang for zero gravity and that they’ve been doing it consistently “better” with good vibes/jams they still WANT to give you more of the best of them. This is their “space homestead” and for good reason this wall of sound applied thru DIY sensibilities was recorded over the course of a year in 9 different studios, presenting as clearly as circumstances can permit, a living idea right here in the now of what it is all about. These are sonics in motion, the satiate plural perfect supply of the hunger unusual, the picturesque in sound. Grab a shuttle for your spectrasound furniture any time in any aeon and dig the volume of their trip.
    accompanied by mick flower, rafi bookstaber, willie lane, jeremy earl, john moloney, doc dunn, j mascis, matt lajoie & more