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  • nathan mclaughlin – riding the bronc – nada cdr

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    Nathan McLaughlin is a busy man. Having released numerous tapes and LPs over the last few years under his own name and as a member of the groups: Tilth, Loud & Sad, and HMS.
    Solo, McLaughlin is best known for his Echolocation series, showcasing his improvisational work with tape loops. Through Echolocation and subsequent work, McLaughlin continues to create beautiful pieces of ambience that are at times fragile, subtle and quiet.
    Riding the Bronc is the latest release of tape music from McLaughlin. Displaying a talent for focus and patience. The title of this cassette is a reference to McLaughlin’s live sets, which are filled with an underlying sense of the ominous. In his own words:
    they tend to be very intense high frequency affairs…lots of tension, riding the bronco as i like to call it, and not of great volume….recreating that can potentially be hard because the tension is a product of the environment and mood.

  • loud & sad – whale fall volume two – tranquility tapes

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    Two accomplished solo musicians in their own right, Nathan McLaughlin and Joe Houpert have been performing collaboratively as Loud & Sad since 2006. The music they make together embodies the powerful adjectives that make up the project’s name and so much more. Back in 2010, Digitalis Limited issued the first volume of their five-part Whale Fall series, named after ecosystem that develops on the ocean floor after a whale dies and the carcass decays. Whale Fall Volume Two finds the duo drifting deeper into the state of decay, with an engrossing mix tape loops and synthesizer murk that mix textured drips and deep, cavernous drones with subtly expanding melodies. It’s music that is almost felt as much as it is heard. Though it is a logical extension of the previous release in the series, it should also be noted that it can be fully enjoyed and appreciated on its own. This is your opportunity to join McLaughlin and Houpert on their journey all the way down to the abyssal zone. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle.

  • nathan mclaughlin – karen studies – scissor tail editions

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    “Bird wings know the wind goes
    And sing rock grass water woods to instrument my ears, my tongue
    Blossoms bell clapper for a flower
    Blown on sweet breathed bone-whistle wind”

    Karen Dalton

    Sweet Mother KD, the voice of an angel and the sharp edge only a hard life in the country can give you.
    These meditations are for you….
    a study on those time tested melodies….
    a reflection on what might have been driving you….
    a rumination on what drives me….
    and where we meet in the middle on a dark dirt road….banjo in hand. – N. McLaughlin
    Recorded in Sauk Centre, MN during the winter of 2012.
    Cover Photo Credit: Bryan Ruhe

  • nathan mclaughlin – echolocation #3 – gift tapes

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    MS-20 & room-length tape loops; flowing ambient subsonic immersion
    Nathan Mclaughlin (currently residing in Sauk Centre, Minnesota) reveals a new chapter in his recent series, following up a previous release on Digitalis. Echolocation #3 is ambient music, rich in color and mood. Layering vintage synths on room-length tape loops, Mclaughlin crafts music for meditation.
    -gift tapes

  • nathan mclaughlin / prayer – dawn chorus – full of nothing

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    “There is a natural progression to things, an organic or unforced way for an organism to grow, and it is in this natural way we find ourselves riding. After years of playing and recording together as Loud & Sad, we now have a great geographic distance between us that makes this process impossible on any sort of regular schedule. While there is still much to share from those years and the years ahead, the dawn chorus tape you hold here is the first new organism to grow out of this whale fall… the slow change in Loud & Sad that signaled the start of new lives. An almost collaboration on a shared concept… a sharing of life together despite distance… a continued exploration of music done together and apart… a realization of the connections people have and should not sever… an effort at being transparent in concept and true in spirit.

    Immediately after this split was brought to life it became apparent early on that our past failures to bring a well devised concept into the physical realm could come back to us again. Instrument restrictions, graphic scores,stylization… we scurried back to our dark corners. Stress and mania and alcohol, locked doors, a yearning for the tape deck upstairs. Tape going bad and breaking, saturday clarity, hero worship. Synthesis exhaustion, cynical music critiques, restraining the self importance. Transparent presentation… here lies dawn chorus.” Black tapes, see-through J-cards, hand-numbered. Edition of 100.

  • nathan mclaughlin – echolocation #5 – notice recordings

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    This is Nathan McLaughlin’s latest installment of his Echolocation series. Following releases on Digitalis and Gift Tapes, #5 also continues the organic and thoughtful work of his duo Loud & Sad. Focused on tape loops, layers of delay, and some chordal forms, each piece is meticulously and methodically built, with each sonic element given its due. This sense of pacing and care given to every moment is a crucial element of McLaughlin’s work, and it’s deeply attuned here. The pieces reflect the environment in which they were composed, tight-knit and rural; they mass like storm clouds, and then are barely there, leaving just the fluttering of a distant echo. Stretches of silence, and windblown expanses. Rich chords swell into deeply contemplative passages that are gradually stripped away. A gorgeous, hushed set of tape music.
    – Artwork by E. Lindorff-Ellery and N. McLaughlin. Foil stamped on heavy stock
    – An edition of 100
    – Pro-dubbed, imprinted cassettes with classic Notice attire