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  • natural snow buildings – beyond the veil – blackest rainbow

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    Limited hand numbered edition of 300.

    Packaged in a folded paper color cover, in a clear plastic envelope.

    Produced for the bands first UK tour.

  • natural snow buildings ‎– daughter of darkness – blackest rainbow

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    Box set limited to 150 copies. Red cassettes numbered with gold paint.
    Cassettes are numbered from 1-4, and the 5th tape is marked with a Ø.

  • natural snow buildings ‎– daughter of darkness V – recollections of knulp

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    Part 5 in the “Daughter of Darkness” series. Limited to 100 copies. Green cassette with gold “V” painted on the A-side.

  • isengrind / twinsistermoon ‎– tide leftovers – tor press

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    Limited edition of 60 made for Natural Snow Buildings first UK tour. In hand made lino-printed sleeves with a lino-printed insert.

  • natural snow buildings – sheffield & london 2012 – blackest rainbow

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    Side A recorded at The Red House, Sheffield, Monday 13th March 2012.

    Side B Recorded at The Victoria, Dalston, London, Saturday 20th March 2012.

    ‘In true bootlegger style, we screwed up the dates on the insert, the actual dates of these recordings were 5th March (Sheffield) and 10th March (London)’ – Blackest Bootlegs

  • twinsistermoon – the hollow mountain – blackest rainbow

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    “Twinsistermoon is the solo project of Mehdi Ameziane of Natural Snow Buildings. The Hollow Mountain was originally issued by Dull Knife Records in 2009 as an LP limited to only 105 copies — unsurprisingly it sold out in a matter of hours. Widely regarded by many Natural Snow Buildings fans as one of the best releases from their camp, this reissue has been remastered by Ben Nash, includes new artwork, and brand new unreleased material. The album has a beautiful earthy lo-fi feeling throughout which perfectly compliments its short and sweet folk songs, and occasional wanderings into psychedelic drone ambience. This is an album that really is totally beautiful and probably one of my favorites from Mehdi. The CD is packaged in a square artwork booklet and a pro-printed card wallet showcasing the superb original artwork from the LP sleeve. Limited to 1000 copies.”

  • isengrind – modlitewnik – blackest rainbow

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    “Debut vinyl release from Natural Snow Buildings’ Solange Gularte’s solo project, Isengrind. Modlitewnik continues Solange’s fantastically far-out occult psych-folk-drone trip outs, 12 tracks across the length of this LP, considerably shorter pieces in comparison to her work with Mehdi in Natural Snow Buildings, Isengrind retains a certain amount of the sound of the duo, but it is a whole other beast, in many ways much stranger and darker, but still hauntingly beautiful with some fantastic blissed-out vocal drones, dreamy guitars, and psyche soaked dark drone zones. Heavyweight vinyl, housed in a pro-printed full colour fold over sleeve with all 4 panels featuring stunning artwork by Solange, the inside of the cover is especially spectacular. One time pressing of 640 copies.”

  • twinsistermoon – then fell ashes – blackest rainbow

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    “Brand new full length vinyl LP from Natural Snow Buildings’ Mehdi Ameziane solo project. This is the third Twinsistermoon release since 2009’s The Hollow Mountain LP and Bride of Spirits 7″ which were both released on the excellent Dull Knife label. Following on from these two gems, various obscure self released items and CDs on Digitalis and Students of Decay, Ameziane’s sound has grown somewhat darker at times with this LP featuring nearly 50 minutes of brand new material. The A-side features 6 tracks, where as the B side is complemented with a huge, almost 25 minute track. The opening track ‘Black Nebulae’ is a gorgeously textured psychedelic drone-based piece, followed by a short, quieter, guitar plucked piece with vocals, but no words, entitled ‘1976’. ‘Ghost That Was Your Life’ is a stunning beautiful layered guitar piece with Ameziane’s astounding beautiful vocals shining through. ‘Big Sand’ opens as one of the darker pieces, with an occult feeling to its sound, swirling vocal drones, almost like a choir at times, and in come those stunning warm and distinctive gutar sounds with layered ghostly sound scapes, that haunt much of Ameziane’s solo and NSB recordings. Half way through this track it fades into layered field recordings, drones, and distant chimes, the sound of this track at this point just has a real melancholy vintage sound, the last two minutes are again a change of sound with a slow plucking of guitar strings. ‘Desert Prophecy’ returns of the sound of just Ameziane and his guitar, with some lo-fi electric riffing distortion in the background. It’s pretty incredible to hear this and think that it’s from 2010, and not from the 60s or 70s. The sixth and final track on the first side is ‘Trailer’, another beautiful somewhat lighter folk sound, which is interesting considering the following is the album’s title track, ‘Then The Ashes Fell’, a side long track which is a considerably darker and heavier track than much of the rest of the LP, but it weaves in some beautiful lighter more reflective moments. Pro printed covers and labels. Heavyweight vinyl.”

  • natural snow buildings – waves of the random sea – blackest rainbow

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    Stunning new record from Natural Snow Buildings, the collaborative project between Mehdi Ameziane and Solange Gularte, the minds behind Twinsistermoon and Isengrind respectively. This new epic from the French duo is their first physical release since 2009’s well received ‘Shadow Kingdom’, also issued by us here at Blackest Rainbow, and it follows on from 2010’s download only ‘The Centauri Agent’ and both Twinsistermoon and Isengrind full length LPs. So 2010 has been a relatively quiet year for Natural Snow Buildings in comparison to 2008 and 2009. Mehdi and Solange have been working on ‘Waves of the Random Sea’ for us for quite sometime, both in terms of art and audio, and it really has come together beautifully. Solange has created a truly stunning series of artworks that spread across the 4 panels of the gatefold sleeve, and the music is a gorgeous tapestry of dreamy drone blurred with their enchanting ethereal folk balladry. This release continues to show how important every aspect of a Natural Snow Buildings release means to them, I was blown away by the standard of the music and artwork. Pressed on heavyweight virgin vinyl, and housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve featuring artwork by Solange. The vinyl edition features an extra track not on the CD and all tracks in their entirety.