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  • profligate – videotape – not not fun

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    The retirement of Noah Anthony’s Night Burger alias (as effected through his fade-to-grey RIP statement, Burnin’ Fast) dovetails fluidly into his latest/greatest burned mind industrial vehicle, Profligate. Named for an NB track off his What Happens Next? tape on Deception Island, Anthony’s new musical operational model retains the eerie bleakness and concrete atmospheres of his previous project but sculpts them into more maximal, dynamic constructions. Videotape is his 2nd vinyl release (after an excellent LP, Come Follow Me), and it expands his agenda with stark, menacing clarity. “Videotape” is a pummeling ascent of chugging drum machines, flatliner synth electricities, and strobe light sequencer details – like a digital bloodrush to the head you can almost dance to. The flip, “Conditioning Trench,” rides a buzzing dystopian bass-pulse strafed with vintage Roland claps and a paranoid midnight highway synth melody through a dubbed out void and into an exquisite vanishing point. Shadows of Sandwell District-ish negative techno and Vatican Shadow sides flash forth here and there, but refracted through a rawer, more physical basement worldview. A bracing, refined statement by a long-flickering light in American underground music. Recorded in Philadelphia, PA throughout 2011. Black vinyl 12 inches in jackets with ‘haunted roses’ portraiture artwork by the esteemed Christine Jones, plus a photocopied insert. Direct mail-order copies come with bonus home-dubbed cassette of six Profligate remixes; digital version of the album comes with three (by Outmode, DJ mdmHEY, and N. Anthony). Edition of 450.

  • night burger – burnin’ fast – nnf

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    The loner nightstalk of Noah Anthony has lurked through a lot of cracked industrial deadlands since the dissolution/retirement of Social Junk several years ago, but solitude’s the mother of dimension, and devolution still counts as a direction. So it is that Burnin’ Fast is in fact the swansong/suicide dive of Anthony’s cryptic nocturnal-industrial project, Night Burger, after a thin trail of emissions on labels like Deception Island and his own Ranky Tanky. A soundtrack of sorts to wandering the concrete voids of North Philly alone and way too late, tracks like “Degraded Cool” and “FMM” throb and plod on cold machine beats while drained tones and lobotomized voices bleed through the air, like a less sci-fi Mark Lord. The B side slides into even stranger isolation chambers – numb drums in condemned bunkers, field recordings of rusty trains and welding factories, echo-heavy synths flickering like failing lights. Burn it all down, burn it fast. Pro-dubbed tapes in j-cards with trans-rocker video still cover art designed by N. Anthony. Edition of 95.

  • night burger / slaughtering dolphins – split – beach house

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    We are proud to present this split tape between Night Burger and Slaughtering Dolphins. This is the first release for Noah Anthony, of Social Junk and Form a Log, under his fairly new solo moniker. Side A takes you on a late night journey through a foggy yet eerily familiar near future. On the B side, Slaughtering Dolphins abandons the usual synth and creates a harsh alien anthem rooted in visions of Turkish Discos.

  • night burger – what happens next?- deception island

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    Since he landed in Philly a couple years back, Noah Anthony of Social Junk has participated in a dizzying number of warped units, including Mirror Men, Mindless Attack, the late Form a Log, and of course Night Burger, solo vehicle for his virtuosic command of postdub/postjunk technique in the service of a stunningly bleak, utterly forlorn, and eerily refined agenda. That this project, which has cultivated a well-earned reputation for prolific and mind-erasingly intense live performances remains sparsely represented in terms of studio recordings makes an immaculately structured album-length release such as this one particularly special.
    What Happens Next? gets lurching with a slo-mo jackhammer riff that hits like a thousand telephone switchboards getting sucked into a neutron star. Anthony’s vocal persona is hollowed-out and resigned, a terrifying shell of the dosed everyman angle worked in SJ. The A side progresses through dessicated combo organ perc of “Profligate”, wrapped in tick, melt, and whisper, to the keening rust belt-style reedwave, iq-annihilating bass drops, and bucket brigade gurgle of “As Always,” “You Drive” and “My Turn to Hide”. On the reverse, “What Happens Next (Dross)” transforms the numbing bonecrunch impact of the original into a sick thud/clatter beneath a frigid organ riff, while “Settlement” stretches into epic territory, an unintelligible interior monologue dissolving in a stiff bleach solution amid a hail of highway flares, giving way to a muted psychedelia of the hyperclean factory sort, surprisingly not unrelated to a plausible interpretation of, say, early Chain Reaction recs. Phenomenal.

  • night burger / dinner music – looking for love-

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    split c8
    Nightburger & Dinner Music both cover / interpret Neil Young’s “Lookin’ for a Love”

  • night burger – a little help here

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    Night Burger is solo Noah Anthony, member of Social Junk, Form A Log, and ex-member of the Cum Stains. Noah has cultivated a hybrid sound of noise, drone and dub creating thoughtful / visceral compositions. Noise and rhythm are stacked vertically and spread horizontally to create spatial and slightly alarming tracks. Each side crisply and sonically creates a canvas of strange frequencies, manipulated to induce both intentional and coincidental harmonies / atonality. This particular cassette captures Night Burger’s earlier origins, basing the two sides off his first set performed a season or two ago. I am reminded of the brutal trance arrangement of the first track on Social Junk’s Born Into It CD. Noah has a wonderful sense of arrangement and timing, and has created a cassette one can “get lost in”. The Burger walks alone…