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    Tape Drift is thrilled and honored to present this heartfelt missive from the West Coast, highlighting the wonderfully strange music of Phil and Myste French, proprietors of the famed and influential Stunned Records label (RIP). Featuring not only music but also art and packaging by Phil and Myste, this is a very special release for Tape Drift and one that can be considered our own tribute to a label that has inspired us for years, and has supported so many acts in the DIY tape world. It looks, sounds, and feels like a tiny remembrance of the days when a package of Stunned tapes arriving in the post was better than a holiday. Musically, Nite Lite pushes even further into the development of their own unique sound world showcased so well on the “Megrez” LP for Desire Path Recordings. Various field recordings blend with tiny percussive figures, tapes, and drones to create an organic and seamless whole that is both mysterious and magical in its transportational powers. As with everything Phil and Myste have had a hand in, this tape is a meticulously crafted thing of beauty, and essential in every way.