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  • øjeRum – Hvid Hvile, Sort Ro – branch tapes

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    early synth tracks from øjeRum



    branch tapes 22
    type II chrome tapes
    limited to 30 copies
    artwork varies from copy to copy
    j card & inserts include a poem & collage by øjeRum & picture & collage by branch tapes
    Much thanks to øjeRum for inspiration & collaboration.

  • øjeRum – sne – phinery tapes

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    a child once tied
    a plastic bag
    to a branch
    of a tree
    the bag remained
    tied to the tree
    for years people
    looked at the bag
    and it was said
    that they were
    the plastic bag
    and that the tree
    was life and that
    there would be
    no escape
    from existence

    All sounds and art by øjeRum Sne by øjeRum

  • øjeRum – syrenen lukker lysets øjne med hele sin vægt – vaald

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  • øjeRum – stilhedens strømmen I fuglenes blod

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    Thirty hand assembled and home dubbed copies, each with a unique hand painted cover. All tapes and cassette cases are recycled. Possible tape decay is welcomed as it will only add unique nuances to the sound. Download code included.
    Program repeats on both sides

    “STILHEDENS is a lush half hour suite of dimly lit delicate acoustic guitar motifs forming intricate semi repeating patterns, with touches of airy synth and muted melodies like a wind chime in the slightest of breezes – this is ØJERUM perfecting his singular ambient folk style and presenting it in ideal longform fashion.”
    – PSI LAB

  • øjeRum – the forest is sleeping within the trees – scissor tail editions

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    soft sweeping pump organ accompanies these haunting piano compositions by Danish visual artist and composer Paw Grabowski.

  • øjerum – ræven sover

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    Twenty hand assembled copies, stamped and home dubbed on clear prison tapes.
    To celebrate the beginning of autumn, my favorite season, I’m releasing a cassette. These songs refer to a well known Danish lullaby so profoundly melancholic that it seems to capture the essence of a season in which childhood memories appear to flow more freely in the winds.

  • øjeRum – he remembers there were gardens – self released

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    reissue of tape on Cabin Floor Esoterica

    Thirty copies in DVD-style cases, each with a unique hand painted cover and hand stamped inlay card. This edition of ‘He Remembers There Were Gardens’ comes with improved sound quality and makes for a different experience than the grittier cassette editions.

  • øjeRum – sange til døende – horror fiction tapes

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    Raw hand stitched tape collage from Copenhagen’s Paw Grabowski. Hiss and static that become formative composition elements shrouding a downward spiral of strings and patiently delivered vocal in ambiguous tones of white and grey. A ghostly erosion of sanity, the creak of a door left ajar, the scrape of soft metal against old oak floors. Shadows without figures.

    Forty five hand assembled copies, professionally dubbed on chrome tape. Inserts duplicated directly on individual pages of a 1983 copy of the novel Channel’s Destiny, by Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg. Individually numbered and hand stamped liner notes.

  • øjeRum – fraværsminder – phinery tapes

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    The title of this album means ‘memories of absence’ and in a sense, this is exactly what it is: Often no more than sketches, these tracks were recorded as a means to remember – but somehow forgotten. They are tape recordings, usually unedited and improvised, documenting fragile personal feelings of moments past. You hear the hiss of the tape spinning as fingers hit the strings, at times dwelling, at others stumbling, as if they’re trying to feel their way in the dark.

  • øjeRum – he remembers there were gardens – cabin floor esoterica

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    øjeRum is the primary audio project of Danish visual artist Paw Grabowski. Here he uses a slow moving organ to create an alternate soundtrack to Chris Marker’s beautiful slideshow-like time travel film La Jetée. Those familiar with the film with have no difficulty in recalling the flashes of a destroyed world, the status of the museum, and the moment on the platform. Even if you haven’t seen the film, the breathing of Grabowski’s organ will conjure similar images and moments. It fluctuates between the drifts and falls and the throb and hum of a person lost in time and place.

    Note: Program repeats on both sides. An edition of 50 white tapes with printed labels in a chipboard box with pasted-on artwork, stamped side, three inserts (one an image from the film, one a vellum information sheet and one handwritten catalog number slip) with a piece of corrugated tubing. Includes digital download.