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  • pak – scented glove – rare youth

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    Wasted and threatening tape music for recorded sound and voice, courtesy of Western Mass/Providence area creepazoid Lauren Pakradooni. Blurring the lines between woman and tape machine, Pak wrestles unwieldy feedback machines and cassette loops in fine New England style. For fans of psychedelic gutter fidelity and freedom of expression. Mixed xerox and screenprint covers, w/bright yellow cassette shells. Artwork / dsign by CF, printed by Lauren Pak.”
    -rare youth

  • pak – habibi – scumbag relations / sleepy cobalt sounds

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    Professionally duplicated and imprinted CrO2 cassettes.
    Edition of 100 (silver ink on black shells).
    Professionally printed, full-color 4-panel covers.

    This recording began as a collection of found tape from the streets of Doha, Qatar. These whole cassette fragments of mostly unlabeled material were edited into handmade loop tapes. The first stage of this project was in an abandoned girls academy in downtown Doha, where the tapes were played through a relic of a PA system. This recording is a compiling of these found sounds with some additions of other cassette loops. It was recorded in Doha, Qatar and briefly in USA.

  • pak – creosote – faux paux recordings

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    This dealer’s a squealer, tape loops and vocals that gurgle and echo their way into organs you never knew you had. First female artist on our roster, comes with beautiful silkscreened inserts made by Pak herself!