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  • parashi – perihelion – skell

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    Being burned at the moment of closest orbit to the sun. Synthesizers are abused, contact mics dragged and scraped, and tape loops built carefully and then destroyed with fire. The universe is an indifferent place, in case you have forgotten.

  • parashi – troika – stunned records

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    Using guitar, synthesizers, metal objects, pieces of wood, kalimba and contact mics, Parashi summons eerie shadows and drops anchor in the underworld. Here, crumbling circuitry hums alongside lone wolf cries and whispers from subterranean ruins. With masterful focus and deliberation, ‘Troika’ finds New York’s Parashi in top form after an impressive three album run-up on his home label Skell LLC. Few are willing to align their ship straight into the gritty unknown, but Parashi does just that with an array of entropic frequencies as his travel companions. When the hammer comes down during Side B’s 18-minute long apex, watch for the white-hot sparks emitting from your electronics.”