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  • peter kris – marshal south – geology records

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    Empty caverns of dripping sound and drones so thick they suck the air out of the room masterfully balanced with the kind of melodic guitar songs that make you feel like you just walked outside on a perfectly sunny 72 degree day (maybe a few clouds in the sky, but just for something nice to look at).

  • peter kris – rim of the world – spring break tapes

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    There is a massive region in Southern California, just east of Los Angeles, that’s known as the Inland Empire. Comprised of two of the biggest counties in the nation, Riverside and San Bernardino, the 27,000 mile spread is a dramatic mix of wealth-driven development and hopeless decline.

    Prospering communities, such as Redlands and Rancho Cucamonga, border economic failures like the City of San Bernardino. And beyond these suburban dwellings exists an entire landscape of dying cities that are fast becoming ghost towns.

    As the cost of living in Los Angeles continues to rise, a number of former Angelinos are seeking refuge in the lower income areas within the Inland Empire, specifically San Bernardino County.

    The population in this area has surpassed 2 million. As that number continues to grow, job opportunities dwindle. City budgets have been cut, public services have been limited and most residents struggle to make a living. The only things not in decline are crime rates and the population of homeless and the discarded mentally ill.

    Peter Kris has lived in this region most of his life. He’s dedicated himself to exploring the vast landscape in an effort to photograph and document what’s left of the forgotten and crumbling infrastructure before it vanishes.

    Rim Of the World is a sonic and visual documentation of this decline and disintegration. The release includes an 8 song cassette and a zine that documents modern ruins as photographed by Peter Kris.

    Each cassette will feature an original, one-of-a-kind instant film photograph cover. These photos were selected from a batch of one hundred shot over the course of a day in and around San Bernardino.

    Peter Kris is the founding member of German Army.

    — 8 song cassette
    — Photography zine
    — One of a kind cover art
    — Digital download