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  • water bureau – water bureau – sacred phrases

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    In some truly cosmic turn of events, Water Bureau finds Norm Chambers (Panabrite, Jürgen Müller, Spiral Index) and Daryl Groetsch (Pulse Emitter, Space Habitat) teaming up for a series of celestial meanderings that speak to the merits of both Pac-NW synth-heroes. Featuring pieces recorded over two improvised sessions in June 2013 and May 2014 in Daryl’s Portland home studio, ‘Water Bureau’ utilizes a smattering of various synthesizers, sequencers, and effects units with a MIDI connection synchronizing the two players’ instruments. Tracks like “Cascades,” “Black Watch,” “Entering The Grove,” and closer “Low Hours” float in a cosmic drift of warm darkness, illuminated by blipping flashes of color and motionless sound. “Waterfall Dancers,” “Laser Alley,” and “Hiking” play the perfect foil, crashing through a blitz of fluorescent, arpeggiated melodies and sequenced light. Elsewhere, “Dinner’s Ready,” “Horses,” and “Namibia” pay honest and refreshing tribute to Cluster, Harmonia, and other kosmische progenitors of Chambers and Groetsch.

  • pulse emitter – longing thresholds – nna tapes

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    Based on Michael Whelan’s cover art for Isaac Asimov’s “Second Foundation” and “Foundation’s Edge” novels.

    Cassette with 4-panel color J-card and insert.

  • pulse emitter – digital rainforest – beer on the rug

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    Music by Pulse Emitter
    Artwork by LaTurbo Avedon