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  • quicksails – spillage – tranquility tapes

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    A monster percussionist for the furious jazz trio Tiger Hatchery, Chicago’s Ben Billington has built an impressive catalog over the past few years as Quicksails by bringing his chops to the solo synthesizer game. Those familiar with the project’s kaleidoscopic swirl of synths and hand percussion will find plenty to love on Spillage. With remarkable ability to juggle so many different elements in each composition, what might sound like a mess in less capable hands flows gloriously with Billington at the helm. There are moments of surprise here as well, with certain tracks showing a much more restrained palate than usual and introducing piano as well as vocals by Emme Williams into the mix. Altogether this an extended half hour of beautiful chaos you’ll want to pour over you again and again. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle. Comes with a free digital download.

  • headboggle / quicksails mugen volume 6 – hausu mountain

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    This is Mugen Volume 6

    Solo sessions recorded live. No overdubs.

    Released on Hausu Mountain, HAUSMO 21.

  • quicksails – mayville dreams – spectrum spools

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    Ben Billington is a Chicago staple and multi-instrumentalist crucial to the metro area experimental landscape. He can morph his styles seamlessly and is fluent in many musical languages, whether he’s playing in Moonrises, Circuit De Yeux (as a touring drummer), or in the legendary underground free-jazz unit Tiger Hatchery. Mayville is the sophomore LP following his Silver Balloons in Clusters LP on Under The Spire (while originally released as a cassette on Deception Island some time ago.) With Mayville Dream, it’s all Billington and the results are outstanding. Taking from his knowledge of songcraft, Billington has crafted a well-varied album of instrumental suites that are as eclectic as they are eccentric. Being primarily trained as a drummer, various kinds of percussion appear throughout, with many rhythmic angles that accent the intricate melodies and structures to make them truly unique. The opener “The Many Roads to Mayville” opens with a concrete flutter before doing a complete 180 into a total color storm of melody and syncopated percussion. “Institute’s Innards” flips the mood right away with its deep urgency and melodies that demand introspection. Tracks like “Bemus Has Wings to Fly” and “Closer to Towanda” display an ability to thickly layer pieces and parts to make a logical whole while displaying elements of early psychedelic rock and with the knowledge of early private sides in tow. Mayville Dream has a special impact because you hear Billington stretch himself out over every playing style he knows and beyond to create something that’s all his own.

  • quick sails – silver balloons in clusters- deception island

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    Few artists have played a more central role in the recent explosion of high-quality, chops-posi experimental outfits in Chicago than Ben Billington, jammer’s jammer, chinese takeout connoisseur, and member of Tiger Hatchery (with Mike Forbes and Andrew Scott Young) and White Prism (with Josh Burke). With Silver Balloons in Clusters, his most fully realized solo outing since last year’s brilliant Madison Lakes (Cylindrical Habitat Modules), Quicksails has completely fused the finest aspects of everything Billington brings to the table in his other projects, and his highly idiosyncratic synth style finds its natural and inevitable foil in his own drumming.
    Tracks like “Must Never Catch It” and “Home in Trees” evoke an alternate history in which time ran backwards for just long enough to permit Milford Graves to blast Departure from the Northern Wasteland on headphones while tracking drums for Black Woman, while “Constant Air Reservoir” and “Deep Creak” stake out a thoroughly subterranean aesthetic turf, filled with the humid whisper of microorganisms describing their favorite hollow earth haunts to buried Lee Perry reels and the hypnotizing throb of jeweled pipe organs encircling a hypothetical ideal pineal gland. On the far side of the core, the unreservedly beautiful closer “A Million Knots” unspools like an impossible Spiegel/Dinger sesh on an infinite subway platform. Silver Balloons in Clusters is a bar-raiser from one of the most deeply rewarding projects going in the contemporary post-electroacoustic underground. It’s majestic in its scope and dazzling in its intricate patternedness, at once liquid, gestural, organic, and absolutely essential.