rainbow valley

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  • rainbow valley / wind in willows – split – chemical tapes

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    2C-C (2,5-dimethoxy-4-chlorophenethylamine)

    The UK (Rainbow Valley) and Russia (Wind In Willows) unite. Each side dedicated to the artists vision and an overall aim to complement the others work has resulted in 2 tracks from each artist, conjuring emotive synthesiser landscapes.

    Rainbow Valley invokes slow burning euphoria, the sound of healing.
    Wind In Willows soothes the senses, warm ethereal drones emerge from the fog.

    Two contemporary psychedelic ambient artists at the peak of their therapeutic powers.

  • rainbow valley- tipoftheredgiantbranch- cave recordings

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    After great sides on Jozik and Sangoplasmo, Rainbow Valley’s latest is an expansive work of depth and power. Walls of textured sound build slowly, creating wide canyons of reverberating space. The patient and deliberate motion of these pieces has a way of stopping time and bringing the gaze inward, drowning thoughts in the blue haze of distance. ((CAVE-08))