raising holy sparks

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  • raising holy sparks – old times & end times – sloow tapes

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    CS 40
    Psych folk drone music by David Colohan lost in the mists of time. Featuring Alison O’Donnell of Mellow Candle fame. 80 copies.

  • raising holy sparks – four sacred mountains – awkward formats

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    Being more pages from A Mendicant Hymnal, concerning The Four Sacred Mountains, The Four Migrations & The Four Corners…

    I. Blanca Peak
    1. Blue Star Katsina
    2. The Days As We Know Them, The World As We Imagine It To Be

    II. Mount Taylor
    3. Leaving Utah (For C.)
    4. A Divine Migration
    5. Canyonlands

    III. The San Francisco Peaks
    6. Sipapu
    7. At The Confluence Of The Colorado & Little Colorado
    8. Cloudhouses (She Sleepwalks Constellations)
    9. You Are In The Mountains While I Am In Your Dreams

    IV. Mount Hesperus
    10. A Sky, The Void Of Birds

    David Colohan – Appalachian Dulcimer, Harmonium, Nefar & Trombone
    Vicky Langan – Fiddle (10)
    Mike Gangloff – Fiddle (7)
    Cara Joyce Gangloff – Harmonium (7)

    Four Sacred Mountains on Repose Sound and Noise

    50 copies. Double cassette, 80 minutes, boxed, with inserts. Available now. £11 plus P&P. Includes lossless digital download.