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  • rambutan – silver pharmacy – anathema sound

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    A pillar of the experimental music scene in upstate New York, Eric Hardiman lends his talent to the scorching psych bands Century Plants and Burnt Hills. But under his solo guise, Rambutan, he’s built up an absolutely brilliant and diverse discography with essential releases on his own Tape Drift label and many others. Remarkably, Silver Pharmacy is another leap forward and another offering that sounds like no other, yet still fits perfectly within the project’s unique aesthetic. Density is the name of the game here, with Hardiman leaving the guitar on the shelf to put forth three heavy pieces that revolve around the synthesizer. Monumental waves of sound build and ultimately refract into beautiful, prismatic sequences. Delicate, warped melodies are buried and protected beneath sheets of distortion and white noise. It’s an empowering soundtrack fit for all members of the food chain. All artwork by M.Y

  • rambutan – dislocated time – d’artagan records

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    time warp sanctuary
    four-dimensional faces

  • rambutan – partial wires – hooker vision

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    Rambutan, always eager to challenge the very idea of Rambutan, takes a slight sidestep from his usual modus operandi and offers a fresh new batch of digitized miniatures. These shorter pieces employ a playful sense of rhythm as ricocheting modular tones bubble and percolate like some lost and found library music gem. 30 min clear with royal blue liner, pro-dubbed cassette with white imprint. Full color art by Grant. Edition of 100.