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  • richard youngs – may – humito

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    First vinyl issue of what might be termed Youngs’ 6th album, recorded in 2001, and originally released on CD by Jagjaguwar. In his constantly spiraling oeuvre, “May” most stylistically resembles Richard’s much-loved album “Sapphie”, being 6 songs of guitar and vocals in his most heartfelt and personal mode. As always with Richard, only the sparest materials are used; the guitar is based on simple, evocative melodic passages and resonances, the lyrics composed of a hallucinatory tapestry of recurring phrases, images and sounds which weave the mind in shifting patterns, and play with the listener’s sense of memory in a profoundly psychedelic and moving way. In the manner of the finest free folk of the modern era, the combination of traditional forms and instruments, avant-garde or free technique, and homemade or lo-fi aesthetics is utterly unintellectual. What we have rather, is human, with instrument and mind, whispering into the dew of the English bloom, in the time-honored manner of Shirley Collins and Martin Carthy, bound only to the sweetness at the heart of the song in a way we dig here at Humito.

    Recorded Christmas 2000, Easter 2001 and last day of May 2001 in Harpenden, England. All songs, performances and recordings by Richard Youngs

  • richard youngs ‎– red alphabet in the snow – preserved sound

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    Red Alphabet in the Snow is a solo album by the extremely prolific but highly talented Richard Youngs. Two 17-minute pieces, in which Youngs layers acoustic guitars, banjo, cifteli, bass guitar, electric lead guitars, electric violin, epinette des vosges, shakers, sitar, swanee whistle, tambourine, triangle, 12-string guitar, ukulele, and his own voice, build up a meandering instrumental, acoustic, and even psychedelic mix. Each side of the album is made up of various compositions woven together with instrumentation, but which seem to flow seamlessly into a rich and resonant whole. Recorded in Krakow, Poland, and at home in Glasgow, the release comes as a 180g vinyl, in a handmade, recycled card sleeve and insert, hand stamped and numbered on the back, and limited to 250 copies.