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  • rokkiryhmä – toiseus – labelledamesansmerci

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    “we can maybe try to describe the music of rokkiryhmä from finland. a sort of hipnotic-catartic-unfuturist-lo-fi nocturnal/pastoral-fire-water-free-folk you can imagine play by transcend childs. rokkiryhmä have a particular, forgotten and essential sound that go us with a simplicity forgotten. this is two new long songs after their last effort (on the essential 267 lattajja) of this mysterious duo project included the finnish artist jaakko pallasvuo. this is some words from him : ‘we don’t want to arrive to a definition of alterity. we strive to recognize it on an emotional level. we see how there is no us. go back to being singular. after this album was recorded we disbanded. traitors were shot in the head, their bodies left on the field with the flutes, guitars, casios and cassette decks. all useless. the remaining members of the group realized the impossibility of further co-existence and left their separate ways. the author chose the path that lead to the jungle and was lost forever.’ – EDITION OF 64 GREEN CDR