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  • samuel goldberg – through and threw – branch tapes

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    branch tapes 006
    limited to 33 copies

    recorded by Sam and Helen Goldberg during the winter of 2014

    home dubbed & assembled

  • mist – glowing net – amethyst sunset – lp

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    much welcome vinyl issue of the 2010 cassette release from john elliott (outer space, colored mushy, emeralds) and sam goldberg (radio people, docile dawn, pizza night) that sold out at the source and distros rather quickly. further exploring the zones on the previously released “mist” lp, the duo take it one step further with their electronics unleashing a record which sounds like it could be the soundtrack to an amazing 70’s / 80’s sci fi movie. the tracks have been remastered for vinyl by james plotkin. vinyl is in an edition of 750 copies. 500 copies on black vinyl and 250 rainbow splatter vinyl

  • sam goldberg – current – weird forest

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    Sam Goldberg is a Cleveland, Ohio multi-instrumentalist/ composer who has been running in the garage rock/electronic underground circles for the last half of the ’00s. He also curates and operates the Pizza Night cassette label, one of the most beloved underground cassette headquarters of the midwest as of late. Unique, timeless, and clever constructions of sound created with many instruments like synthesizers, rhythm boxes, and electric guitars provide a wide scope of varied colored tones from release to release. This debut record, Current, is an early document of Sam’s solo guitar work. Side A consists of a hazy and humid melodic stasis that may be known from the Emeralds/Sam Goldberg 2007 tour cassette. An untitled piece that evokes a sense of longing and discontent while simultaneously hitting the deep and raw channels of the subconscious past that bring an understanding to the spaces between experience and memory. A gorgeous wash of clouded, ringing guitar not unlike Glenn Branca’s “Symphony No. 2.” On the flip side another phantom composition played only a few times live and recorded over a year ago in a similar weightless, sky guitar fashion rounds out the double side long debut. “Carol” is a great example of massive tone landscapes that can be born with minimal processing and careful compositional dynamic.

  • radio people – leapt – deception island

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    Dear reader, you’ve probably never considered the notion that there might be beaches in Cleveland (full disclosure, my erstwhile hometown actually features one of the ten worst in the nation), but Pizza Nite impressario Sam Goldberg probably isn’t letting your parochial mentality get him down. With Leapt, Goldberg, who works as a lone entity on this latest offering from his still fresh/exploratory Radio People project has delivered a suite of miniatures that go to the beach without going to the beach, if you take my meaning. Here, as in all of Sam’s myriad endeavors, including Mist (with John Elliott), Free Time (with Mark McGuire), Docile Dawn (with Zach Troxell of Fragments), Pages, and his eponymous output, the animating concept is his own idiosyncratic take on the varied/storied traditions of bedroom recording, from the mossy, rainstreaked, and heartstring-tugging microcomposer-era futurism of “Korg” to the classic four-track aesthetic of the title track.

    “Finding One’s Self” is made up of endlessly tumbling/unfurling synth riffs bisected by a gracefully hissing, atomized spray of pseudo-guitar, like a carnival swaddled in a heat-sick shimmer that rises from the pavement, or like the idea of amusement itself as a gas that someone, somewhere, who may or may not be you, is inhaling. “Leisure,” on the other hand, proceeds with the sort of spare, courtly, and slightly menacing melodic poise that recalls Jarre’s Les Granges Brulees, late La Dusseldorf, and Wendy Carlos circa A Clockwork Orange, while “The U.S,” ironically enough, is more like a weird, stretched sort of italo, replete with bleary hustle, egg-frying pwm leads, and a self-aware sort of desire left in the backyard to evaporate in the late afternoon sun. It’s a fitting conclusion to a summer that left your brain and mine too cooked for anything less lovely.

  • radio people – avalon

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    a somewhat claustrophobic radio people release, still a steady elegant roedelius vibe that can put the listener at ease