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  • samantha glass – secret parking lot- golden cloud tapes

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    This new project is the documentation of Beau Devereaux (Anvil Dome, Inyan Kara, Second Family Band) curating from different projects of the past couple years and finding a sound/place somewhere in the middle to call home. Stretching out to work with new instruments including drums and guitar and adding to it with the use of keys and bass, while adding elements of am/fm/ and hamm radios, vcr’s, field recordings etc. Staying in a free form textural area while adding structures and intricate changes within the songs . Somewhere between a tangled mess of dirty outsider rock and trance style pop, with touches of darkness, dronescapes, and more. Secret Parking Lot was recorded between May and July of 2010, in a beautiful country house of WI. This tape is dedicated to the search for finding the secret spot to rest and drift from the daily/life tasks that can chain the soul and life of humans from remaining free spirited. Limited to 100 pro dubbed and pro imprinted high-bias chrome tapes. Pro printed , hand cut, and hand stamped J cards and inserts.
    Golden Cloud 001
    – golden cloud