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  • seabat – synthus – beer on the rug

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    NYC duo Seabat swims to the highest of highs and deepest of depths on their latest offering, Synthus. Recorded over a two year span in three different states, Seabat have taken great care in crafting a meditatively heavy and compelling sound universe. Visually speaking, the album is the aural equivalent to a piece of surrealist animation. Forty meta-propulsive minutes of hi-definition mind’s eye cyber boogie and heavenly moods to put you in just the right frame of mind. The interdimensional doorway is locked inside the labyrinth. What are you waiting for?

    Limited edition of 75 copies
    Design by Seabat

  • seabat – scattered disc – goldtimers

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    Brooklyn duo, Seabat, returns to Goldtimers with a precision sequenced gem of cinematic synth scenes. Deja vu awakening stairway ascensions, dolphin cave swims, arrival visitors, and an outer realm rendezvous make up Seabat’s second voyage for Goldtimers. Limited vinyl version (with alternate artwork) on GoldTimers/Seabat Worldwide coming April 30th!

    Seabat (GLD 032) c46, pro duplicated and on shell printing cassette tapes. Double sided and scored J-Card. J-Card is printed on white cardstock with an overlaid vellum cover. Ltd 50 copies.

  • seabat – no wake – hyperdelic

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    The debut release from the Ohio/NY project Seabat. This is a polyphonic madhouse. Huge chord progressions surrounded by a sea of light and precise filtering. Notes twinkle in their own zones on this one. Hidden beats and rhythmic patterns sputter along. This is long player, but does not feel so. If you light up and listen to this, consider your mind blown. Wear headphones for you listening pleasures. This is limited to 50 copies on completely clear cassettes with full color J-Cards and an additional insert from the artist.

  • seabat – crescent ParC – constellation tatsu

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    Seabat offers a glimpse through the keyhole at a glittering future world formed from a pastiche of clever, nostalgic samples and dreamy synth work. Illusions flow smoothly in your mind’s eye as Seabat’s world takes shape.