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  • sick llama – born again to die – hanson

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    ‘There are a lot of mugz you don’t wanna know,: VD doctors, the Grim Reaper, the inside of a Fed Ex body bag, ex-mates, cops, silence, dentists, republicans, country music stars, …list goes on and on….THEN= there are mugz you just want to get some sunshine from- you know who they are= just plain rad mugz, stokerz= and i gotta say….the Michigan Crew has Sick Llama’z BACK…..Heath AKA Juice AKA Fag Heath AKA Morellama= is just a ball of huge eyeballing can you be mad at him? We used to have heavy skate shred sessions with the goofball and he would destroy the streetz, and still be smiling at the end, never breaking a sweat. You want this dude on your team. And you want the soundtrack to your boiling brain to be his Born Again to Die. Its got this amazing kinda arms-up-in-air-i-give-up-what-is -this-godamnn -sound style beaming through it. Heath man….dude aint really gonna give any clues back….cant count how many timez the crew has cornered the mug and been like: ‘Yo man….what the hell is going on inside ‘Live Birth’ ?’ Did you just record cars under an overpass and slow it down?

  • sick llama – distance removal remixx – fag tapes

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    Sick Llama remixed by Sick Llama? That’s right, and in classic remix packaging style hand stamped and painted, sticker and sealed w/ sticker. Even further removed. Frightened into the shadows. SickLlama style. You hear cries for help in the distance and then you hear them all die because you could not move. Some force not unlike the wind was holding you back. You were helpless, awake and alive. edition 18.
    -fag tapes