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  • sister iodine – flame desastre – premier sang

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    about sister iodine
    french pioneer experimental rock band founded in the early 90’s,
    sister iodine is lionel fernandez / erik minkkinen / nicolas sakamoto-mazet.
    their music is a collision between the savage energy of no wave, the game on
    collage tapes, their primitive love of noise and a primal free rock approach.

    – about flame desastre
    fourth release of sister iodine; probably the most straight foward, most
    concise and focused of the trio. like an intense and rough attack with not
    much time left for the listener; here we are faced to an agressive joyfull
    and violent orgy of lacerated guitars, primal and extatic heavy lead drums.
    the production is brutal and raw sometimes pierced by a few electronic
    effects, there is an addictive phenomenon introduced by repetitive assaults,
    hammered in bolts, these 10 brutal burning tracks come like an elegant sonic
    bludgeon devastating your face.