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  • skin graft – brick in the mouth of a corpse – deception island

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    As proof that some small amount of justice lingers in the world, Cleveland veteran Wyatt Howland is finally getting his dues, having spent the past several years amassing a discography studded with many of the all-time classics of fucked rust belt electronics (”Soft Police Murder,” “Drug Addict,” “You Deserve Nothing,” and the watershed “Blackout” lp on Tusco Embassy, to name but a handful), collabbing tirelessly with the likes of Ryan Kuehn, David Russell, Emeralds, and Aaron Dilloway, and turning in an endless stream of punishingly focused, concise, and pissed-off performances that simply must be witnessed to be believed.
    “Brick in the Mouth of a Corpse” is both a fitting introduction to Skin Graft and a bar-raiser for those already initiated, on which Howland continues to wax subtle, detailed, and glowering, as though drawing cross-sections of harsh noise with a drafting pencil, allowing us to view the creaking, dripping, and hissing armature under its skin. This is a strategy that could never be sustained without the patience and technique that are present in spades across the six tracks that make up “Brick,” meticulously crafted vignettes that range from the principled scraping of bones and bodyslamming of trashcans to waking up brutally hung over beside a rustily copulating heap of sonar equipment. Essential filth.

  • skin graft – blackout – tusco/embassy

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    first skin graft vinyl. From Cleveland, Ohio
    8 tracks of abrasive, negatively charged scum electronics.
    perfectly disgusting and abusive.
    Hand Screen printed sleeves
    second edition of 200

  • skin graft – far worse – monorail trespassing

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    Blocks of tense, disorienting and depraved sound sculpture from Wyatt Howland, who needs no introduction at this point. Crumbling noise, piercing tones and voyeuristic open air recordings conjure up only the bleakest thoughts. There is no way to get clean; truly unsettling work that reaches new conceptual heights for this project.

  • skin graft – wet engines

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    Picture yourself in the drivers seat as your car wraps itself around a telephone poll. Then wake up after who knows how long in a hospital room, entangled in wires and tubes. This is the experience “Wet Engines” calls to mind… Wyatt Howland has been creating relentless, merciless harsh electronics for the better part of the last decade under the appropriately-chosen SKIN GRAFT moniker. After releasing “Dystrophy” with the prolific Hanson Records last year, we are pleased to announce the follow-up album. Originally released on cassette in 2010, the LP version has been completely remixed and remastered, with new tracks.

    Limited to 100 copies, each record came with hand-screened cover art and a digital download card.