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  • spare death icon – northwind – gift tapes

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    Multiplexed visions: A starship draped in eagle feathers. Pedal to
    the metal in a 1970 Chevelle on a desert highway. The unidentified
    bird whose song is only heard once a year. All of this, blowing in a
    winter wind… Northwind is Jason E Anderson’s first release as Spare
    Death Icon. Layered synthesizers make up this work, nearly half of
    which was recorded in a fire lookout in NE Oregon. The wind and the
    natural landscape as inspiration, offset by an urban-dreamscape
    subconscious drenched in sci-fi/action film realities.

  • spare death icon – survival – gift tapes

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    hunted by an uninvited visitor from a dystopic futureworld; digitally sequenced vengeance