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  • sparkling wide pressure – night sky body – cabin floor esoterica

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    Tennessee’s Frank Baugh has been operating under the Sparkling Wide Pressure name for the last decade, releasing a steady though not overwhelming stream of tapes, CDrs and records through his own Kimberly Dawn Recordings and a veritable who’s who of hard hitting DIY labels. Here we find Frank with his usual assortment of sounds and instruments, crumbling guitar lines, a flickering chord organ, stray electronic beats and flourishes. He builds a slow moving song scaffolding and drapes it in washes of buzzing, blowing sound. These songs are not hidden and there is no covering of flaws with reverb but rather they are smudged and blurred while keeping moments of clarity and confidence. An edition of 50, packaged in chipboard boxes with a couple of inserts and a small polished black stone. Includes digital download code.

  • sparkling wide pressure – dream of windows – tranquility tapes

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    Sparkling Wide Pressure makes a welcome return to the label. In the three years that have passed since we released Sing What You Remind Me Of, creative powerhouse Frank Baugh’s solo project has remained consistently engaging on an almost unbelievable level. Dream of Windows features further excavations into his singular style, which blends the warmth of psychedelic pop with the spaciousness, dissonance, and free-form nature of experimental music. Cascades of acoustic and electric guitar picking meet otherworldly keyboard melodies, confounding cassette playbacks, and low-fi drum machine beats. Baugh’s voice regularly seeps into the mix like a mournful ghost singing arcane poetry as he plays with vocal manipulations and syncopation in even more off-kilter ways than usual. Altogether, it adds up to another brilliant piece of an already astonishing catalog that melds the strange and the beautiful in ways that few others can. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle. Comes with a free digital download.

  • sparkling wide pressure – no need for a meaning – fadeaway tapes

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    as sparkling wide pressure, frank baugh presents a constantly expanding sound-world and “no need for a meaning” is an alluring addition. these tracks – composed primarily of guitar, keyboards and field recordings – demonstrate an immersive style and may be absorbed as studies of light and motion. pro-printed, pro-duplicated, edition of 100.

  • sparkling wide pressure – meaning plane – colour ride

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    sparkling wide pressure is tennessean frank bough. this is 5 tracks/30 minutes of zonal organ drones, acoustic guitar layers and occasional vexed vocals. special. 50 copies.

  • sparkling wide pressure – press the reverse and give me the tape – lillerne tapes

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    A truly captivating and powerful set of songs from Frank Baugh’s prolific solo project. Hazy, distant guitar melodies swim through hypnotic vocal loops, and piles of tape detritus and layers of beautiful harmonies drape over every moment of the album. “Holiday World (New Lives)”, the b-side’s lone track, is a gripping twenty minutes that manages to time travels seamlessly through quiet sections of ambience into moments of impeccably arranged pop sensibility. Edition of 75, home-dubbed cassettes.

  • sparkling wide pressure – grandfather harmonic- preservation

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    The Preservation label presents Grandfather Harmonic, the new full-legnth album from Sparkling Wide Pressure. The alter ego of Murfreesboro, Tennessee’s Frank Baugh, Sparkling Wide Pressure has drawn from a seemingly infinite well of sonic inspiration to record at an incredible rate since 2008, having his work appear on labels such as Digitalis, Stunned, Housecraft and Students of Decay.

    This transfixing entry into his weighty catalogue pinpoints Baugh’s increasing fascination with song forms couched within abstract spaces. These mesmeric pieces revolve on a constant teetering between melody and abrasion, sharing kinship with classic post-punk primitivism as much as today’s field of synth-wielding trance phasers.

    Through layered synth tones that uncoil like long, clear breaths and hypnotic percussion, pivotal to the essence of Sparkling Wide Pressure is Baugh’s rangy guitar playing. Baugh can execute walls of enveloping ambience to encompass soft, gentle ruminations laced with smoky mood and subterfuge or take a more urgent tone, forging an otherworldly pulse that never loses the visceral thrill and pull that proves the magnetic core of this work.

    Thematically, Grandfather Harmonic revolves around Baugh’s connection to his childhood home deep in the woods of in rural Tennessee and memories of his grandfather, specifically the rich tones of the harmonica he once played. In its own curious, searching way, Grandfather Harmonic is a remembrance of place and time from a truly atypical imagination.

    Released on CD in April 2012. Limited to 300 copies.

  • sparkling wide pressure – in a new mouth– ruralfaune

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    Following stellar releases on Digitalis, Students of Decay, Stunned…
    Beautiful drifting melodies and haunted guitar figures. A patchwork quilt of drone influenced sound snippets, subtle synth undulations and strange ethereal vocal lines..
    -ruralfaune .

  • sparkling wide pressure – little shrine – no kings

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    Recorded in 2011-2012 in his Murfressboro home, this album was originally slated for release on a possibly now defunct Russian label, and has been salvaged. The most pure, the most vibrant psychedelic drone folk, whatever the genre is called that SWP has created. The only point in space, infinite density of creative energy. The best tape ever. End of tapes. Dedicated to the Stones River. Pro-dubbed, imprinted cobalt. 2-color risograph artwork by Lee, with some images taken from Geoffrey Sexton’s video for Cosmos Blues. Edition of 100