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  • st. atom heart – kleos – twin springs tapes

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    St. Atom Heart (Stavros Stavrakis) has crafted an album about the birth of his second son. He resides in Kavala, Greece where he writes poetry, teaches, and makes music.

    The moment of conception. The journey of the soul through the stardust, the nightmarish levels of demons, to facing the trees, the birds of spring in the sweet hour of birth.

    The release includes a very special 16 page booklet of photographs and text created by Stavros to compliment each song on the album.

  • st. atóm HRT605 / sinyo͞o – split

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  • st. atóm HRT605 – smiling autumn leaves

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    “….. Lets go by parts, first i love the Artwork, maybe when we see it we think that we are in front another Neo-Folk artist that use the same formula that all we in this kind of sound know very well, but we are wrong, yes the Neo-Folk influences are there in some tracks with addiction of martial and industrial sounds combined with nature sounds, but “Smiling Autumn Leaves” goes in other subtle direction, sometimes an ethereal wave sound enter through a dense fog that progressivly turns in to a pastoral spring day or a manorial autumn, where the drone folk and folktronica invite us to walk in the fields and felling the environment around us and breathing the fresh air without anykind of toxic degradation, that revitalised our senses and mind. A truely gem that i Highly Recommend.”
    From Ritualistic Nature Blog