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  • kyle landstra / subtle body – split – tranquility tapes

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    On this split, two Juno warriors operating on elevated levels offer meditative synth passages to help align your Chakras. Kalamazoo’s Kyle Landstra starts off with deep, steady drones that aim straight for the mind’s furthest reaches. His sidelong piece drones mightily and shifts subtly, with each slight filter tweak and affectation breathing new life into the proceedings. Subtle Body, aka Asheville’s Joe Moresi, answers with three airy and contemplative passages that are a perfect melodic counterpoint to Landstra’s burrowing drones. At once sad and uplifting, each piece can be heard as an acknowledgement of the inevitable reality of death while celebrating the complex beauty of the life that came before it. Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle.