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  • sun araw – sun ark prayer tapes vol. 1 – sun ark

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    Solo lo-fi home meditations/explorations/invocations

  • sun araw – sun ark prayer tapes vol. 2

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    Digging the tunnel. Second volume of solo improvisations without overdubs.

  • turban chopsticks – mexican food – sun ark

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    Born in a trance of Adelaide swelter, bánh mì, and Candyman, “MEXICAN FOOD” represents a blistering sesh down under: Cameron Stallones, Tony Lowe, and Alex Gray, two guitars and drums, no pedals. Made possible by and dedicated to the greatest Australians: Stacey & Rani who showered the voyage with herbs, fresh fruit, and good vibes. Word has it, after this recording was made everyone went out and lifted a car!

  • cameron stallones & nicholas malkin present music from harvester,” compositions for farfisa VIP345 & guitar – sun ark

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    Not since the regal, wobbling transmissions from the SOHNI CHAMBERS have these two been present on tape together. The occasion: creating a score for visual artist Abbe Findley’s film “HARVESTER,” a compendium of footage of harvesting machines from around the world. In a special, softly-carpeted chamber procured just far enough off a dirt road in Joshua Tree, CA, the two cloistered themselves for several days of organ and guitar explorations fueled only by hot-plate burritos and date shakes. On this double cassette, dear listener, find the monumental results: bleary but startling, dynamic compositions that wander in all directions through a fading golden light, consistently subverting the sonic limitations of the simple instrumentation. Ranging from sublimely pastoral horizontals to increasingly unnerving non-Euclideans, there’s something here for the whole family. Truly a “large-scale work,” recorded on cassette, and presented on 2 gold cassettes.

  • sun araw – 2014 tour cd set – sun ark edit bay

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    Sold on sun araw & d/p/i 2014 tour. —>

    aristocrat p. child – now we’re getting somewhere
    sun araw & d/p/i – forget our fates
    dj si si si gracias presenta – parallel desires
    aristocrat p. child presents – we got telephones
    aristocrat p. child presents – the label under the label

  • sun araw – belomancie – sun ark

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    “B E L O M A N C I E is the 7th full length album from Sun Araw. B E L O M A N C I E is a series of corridors that lead to specific chambers. B E L O M A N C I E is designed to be an active listening experience. B E L O M A N C I E is not designed to accompany existing environments, B E L O M A N C I E is designed as a transportation system. It is recommended to give B E L O M A N C I E your full attention, and to listen at the highest volume that is comfortable on high quality speakers with a pronounced stereo field or on an excellent pair of headphones. Interference is physicality. When faced squarely, each chamber produces a particular physical effect capable of causing a simple thing: an experience of discontinuity. Hot Jobs!”

  • sun araw – on patrol – sun ark

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    “On Patrol, originally released in 2010, is a double album in two parts, and the fourth full length album from Sun Araw. An album for heavy-steamin’ late nights in the city, inter-dimensional back alleys, ghost cabs; it creeps and tunes in on a much darker, sparser, and more classically minded channel than its predecessors: dark and deep steam-vent ruminations on Phil Cohran, lenticular objects, and fried Hot 92.3 R&B slow-jams. A cold bug makes a real ‘live wire.'”

  • hold the phone – sun ark

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    HOLD THE PHONE is mustard and ketchup on a deviled egg.
    HOLD THE PHONE is your dad whistling at a 16-year-old girl.
    HOLD THE PHONE is yin all dressed up in yang clothes.
    HOLD THE PHONE is Woodstock yelling at Snoopy.
    HOLD THE PHONE is Cameron Stallones and Barret Avner.
    HOLD THE PHONE is two boys talkin’.

  • sun araw – off duty + boat trip – woodsist

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    “When the On Patrol test presses hit the turntables, an epilogue burst from the side of the Sun Araw cranium immediately, before it was even cold on wax. The camera jumped all by itself, spontaneous framing and new perspectives: “Last Chants” grips you in heavy, end-of-shift panic; who knew “Holodeck Blues” got so rowdy? Surrounded and staring down the barrels of some serious forces, the scum is rising. No worries: you got backup, don’t forget who’s wearing the badge. Flip the vision and make it all the way down, it’s your party. “Midnight Locker” is one chilled exhalation, all cold sweat and steam vents. The cab ride home comes with AM radio ghosts, whispering again of that heavier zone, it’s time to get back. The flip side is pure secret sun-day, sacred rest: the stairway to the stars. “Deep Temple,” float on up, the Heavy Deeds are waiting.” –Aristocrat P. Child