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  • sundrips – tangled paths swept away – old frontiers

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    Old Frontiers #1.

    Ryan & Nick are back from the Celestial Tropics, and they’ve returned with a document of their hemispheric cascades. Contained within this sturdy red shell are monumental auditory fireworks. Pro-duplicated edition of 75.

  • sundrips – just a glimpse – debacle records

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    Nick Maturo and Ryan Connelly exploded out of Montreal last year with no less than 10 tapes of hazy guitar/synth drones. Just a Glimpse finds the duo experimenting with shorter edits and more diverse song-forms than their sidelong tape experiments. Picking a concept out of a jam and distilling it down to its purest part. Making feints and nods towards past heroes like Eno and Shulze but keeping pace with modern masters such as Tim Hecker and Emeralds.

  • dozens – ultraseamatic – goldtimers tapes

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    Guitar explorations from some of our favorite psychic wanderers. Francis (Hobo Cubes) & Ryan (Sundrips) beam up for a cannonball ride of geo-nightmarish lab trance hypnoscapes. Bouncing from atom smashing stabs to neo-futurist tribal brain change frequencies…Dozens will leave the psyche seeking, sizzling and satisfied.

    008 Dozens ‘Ultraseamatic’ c30, pro duplicated on hi-bias chrome cassettes w/ on shell imprinting. Pro printed double sided J-Card’s hand scored and folded. Limited Qty 50

  • tobin’s spirit guide – homesick – fadeaway tapes

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    nick from sundrips resurrects his tobin’s spirit guide project with a collection of short pieces for processed guitar, combining simple melodies with heavy doses of reverb. music to sleepwalk to. edition of 60, pro-printed and pro-dubbed cassettes.