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  • sunny dunes – emmastaete – ((cave)) recordings

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    Field recordings and synth departures evoking interior landscapes ((Cave-32))

  • sunny dunes – blue far – branch tapes

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    branch tapes 003
    limited to 38 copies

    Recorded in 2011
    Thanks to Joseph Ghosn.

    first release on tomentosa record’s new cassette sub label — branch tapes.

    This release percolated around tomentosa for a while and it’s taken a while to get even a sense of the shape of this recording. Many faceted, multiple angles & paths; a journey thru varied landscapes. The sample below is just an entry point into a tape that even after months of listening I have a really hard time pinning down & labeling. And that is a good, good thing.

    *available thru tomentosa records, sunny dunes & cabin floor records in greenville, sc.

  • sunny dunes – village global – metaphysical circuits

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    We are hereby thrilled to finally be able to satisfy and/or introduce more ears, hands, minds, etc., with/to the mesmeric loop-worlds of Micka Perez’s Sunny Dunes (and, consequentially, Sylvia Monnier.)

    Originally self released (digitally) back in 2011, “Village Global” consists of four minimal-gaze epics, built on heavenly hypnotic harmonic repetition, abstract synthesis/jungle photosynthesis, and cavernous Kosmische swirls. Hauntingly beautiful, beautifully haunting.