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  • the savage young taterbug – theme for gasoline weirdo – night people

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    Back in Iowa City after some recent weary road damage, Charles Free keeps his cosmos osmosis Americana gritty and grimy on his latest “Theme for Gasoline Weirdo”. Bringing in a new phase as the dandelion greaser, letting his long hair get short, and his white suite turn grey, Charles lets the tape roll over and over itself as the broken radio plays. So if you dig this dude’s style you won’t be disappointed, and if you don’t then you don’t but that’s ok too.

  • the savage young taterbug – syrupy evenings – night people

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    Fresh off an epic US tour with Tracey Trance and Sci Fi Sam, this new tour tape of lost wandering and hazy abandon delves further into Taterbug’s obsession with burnt American musical detritus. Recorded pre tour in loner isolation in his mom’s Des Moines basement, Syrupy Evenings falls further into dreamy gospel stompers, loner bluesy piano ballads, AM radio fuzz and funky drug jams. Taterbug’s quirky karaoke style got even weirder for this