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  • telecult powers – black meditations – experimedia

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    “Telecult Powers, the candle burning duo of Witchbeam & Mr. Matthews, known for their ritualistic live shows and previous releases on Baked Tapes, Draft, Pizza Night and more, bestow upon us their album Black Meditations, a six part sonic meditation on the connections between man, myth & magic. Black Meditations taps into the world of folk magic, reaching out to the spirit world through sonic practice, with the duo praying at an altar of bizarre electronic instruments handcrafted by Mr. Matthews. Through this ‘Hoodootronix’ music Telecult Powers taps into the current in which the spirits of Atlantis, Rexino Mondo, In Search Of…, Dionysus cults, old witchy Hollywood, Mort Garson, Louise Huebner, Nik Raicevic, Bruce Haack, Bebe and Louis Barron, and Discordians draw from. Featuring guest appearances by Lala Ryan from Excepter, Rachel & Grant Evans, Kate McGuire, The Road Chief and liner notes by Carl Abrahamsson.”

  • witchbeam – shadow musick vol. 1 – tranquilty tapes

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    As a member of Telecult Powers, Hex Breaker Quintet, and other groups, Witchbeam has been involved in releasing some of the most freaked out and zoned in synthesizer music in recent times. Though he doesn’t have many solo releases to his own name, that is no indicator of how productive he has been as a solo artist over the years. Collecting recordings made while Witchbeam lived in New Orleans, LA, Shadow Music Vol. 1 offers up a wide variety of truly stunning and deeply personal work. Buzzing oscillators mix with site-specific sounds ranging from relaxing wind chimes to intense voodoo drumming. Witchbeam is deeply engrained and incredibly knowledgeable about all things occult, and corresponding themes run deep throughout the release, with clever nods to alchemy, UFOs, Discordianism, and more. It’s powerful stuff, and though the sounds can be dark and chaotic, Witchbeam’s agenda is crystal clear. As the artist himself says, “Hopefully you can use this cassette to smash your ego a bit, get your head straight, and get back to the source.” Pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle.

  • telecult powers – stars are the eyes of good – draft tapes

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    performing with custom-built synthesizers, occult synth duo Telecult Powers creates abstract electronic music to explore mysteries, mystic states and magickal systems. After forming out of early collaborations between members Mister Matthews and Witchbeam, the duo moved from Cleveland to Brooklyn where they continued to develop their work over the past few years. Currently based in both Brooklyn and New Orleans , Telecult Powers remains an active creative force in the underground community. Telecult’s recorded work can be found on their own label Temple of Pei, as well as Deception Island, Baked Tapes, Pizza Night, and a few others.
    Telecult Powers’ newest release, Stars are the Eyes of God, enlists the help of two prolific collaborators: Hecate’s Fountain is Telecult joined by Lala Ryan (of Excepter); Inner Spaced is Telecult and John Elliott (of Emeralds, Outer Space, and Imaginary Softwoods). On side A, Hecate’s Fountain’s “Initiation to the Temple of Pei” spins spheres of spacious textures which serve as a bed for Lala Ryan’s tripped-out acid-tinged Dadaist vocals. Reminiscent of Cosmic Joker’s Gilles Zeitschiff, the trio concocts the perfect blend of alchemical theatrics and kosmiche music. On side B, Inner Spaced launches into “No Sleep Til Nibiru,” opening with a gushing wall of white noise that shape-shifts into an array of cyclical sounds. The three synth players craft a heavy dark-matter space, with slow, methodical pacing and intention. This tape traverses new landscapes of abstract synth and space music, as wholly engulfing side-length tracks provide an expanded Telecult universe.

  • telecult powers – zion traveler – baked tapes

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    For the uninitiated, Telecult Powers is the superforce of Mister Matthews and Witchbeam, two weirdos of the highest caliber, bred in Cleveland, nurtured in Brooklyn and now protecting a transdimenional wormhole connecting Crown Heights and New Orleans respectively.

    They hit Brooklyn by storm, years ahead of the surge of the current synth infatuation, and clearly stood out by way of their sincerity to their art and most importantly, the substance that backed it up. With but a modest arsenal of mystical synth-gun boxes designed and meticulously hand-assembled by Mister Matthews, these two turned every shithole venue and divebar they graced into a hovering spacecraft that for moments took you away from the $7 beers, high rents and endless neon spandex that Brooklyn had become.

    This is a definitively fresh perspective to the evolution of synthesized music in the modern era. This is not the rehashing of cliched 70s synth motifs passed off as “original” or “experimental”. This is the cusp. Mister Matthews and Witchbeam will be fondly remembered in the great Tome of 21st century Musicians as journeymen who actively moved electronic music beyond it’s overly-glorified past into a new age of enlightenment.

    After countless tapes and cdrs, it is astounding that no one has given these two the wax they’ve so deserved. I am proud to be a positive force in getting this LP into the world. It’s the least I can do.

    Housed in a full color jackets designed by Witchbeam, LP include digital download code as well as exclusive Mothers Third Eye issue cataloging key events of the next millennia, provided by their future

  • telecult powers – orgone freakout: a happening with the telecult powers – deception island

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    like a forgotten sonic arts union-era session heard from the business end of an opiated rabbithole, “orgone freakout” is an album-length synthesis of all the most fucked transcendent peaks on the releases (e.g. “amazing laws” and “a beginner’s guide to hoodotronix”) that have formed the apex of the telecult powers catalog to date, boiled down to their strangely arching bones. it’s a phenomenal codex of resinous creaks, empty cisterns, reflected moonlight, phantom choirs, and tendril-like percussive afterimages from a duo of cleveland-to-brooklyn transplants that’s spent the past three years becoming one of the best and strangest live acts in the world, establishing a well-deserved reputation as a cornerstone of the contemporary new york underground, issuing a viscous drip of bizarre missives through their unerringly curated temple of pei imprint, and cultivating the masterfully honed feedback between their live and studio incarnations that reaches critical velocity with this release.

    as ever, mister matthews’ handcrafted electronics are at the center of the proceedings and measured expansion of a shared timbral vocabulary continues to be a huge part of his and witchbeam’s raison d’etre, while the paranoid opacity and sheer idiosyncracy of their improvising grammar hasn’t yielded an inch. this productive tension is at once an indicator of the rewards that await the devoted acolyte and the audible stamp of their rust belt origins. writing about telecult powers back in 2008, i said that “witchbeam and mister matthews lock into their particular skewed orbit, which has something of the unhinged forelornness of nik pascal raicevic’s work, only even more fucked and disturbing, because there’s actually two people giggling at each other out on that ledge. …one could revisit it a thousand times without ever really getting a handle on it or parsing it successfully. in short, it’s necessary, rewarding, and fantastically heavy work.” that still pretty much sums it up, i believe, and it’s only gotten more true with time.