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  • temporal marauder – subtractive existences – catholic tapes

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    Exiting studies in music synthesis from 80’s French composer Jean Logarin finally brought to light! Subtractive Existence is more or less a retrospective of some of his earlier work finally getting released after sitting in dark basements on reels for years and years. Discovered (thankfully) and digitized by the Raglani family, Subtractive Existence is a whirlwind of sound, often dizzying in its vast array of sounds and direction. Lots of shuffling drum machines with a complete downpour of electronics falling all around. Very reminiscent to Magnetic Web while also retaining a quality I have yet to put my finger on. Very beautiful and swirling while extremely textural in the midst of the electronic madness presented on this release. Apparently, more tapes have been discovered by this great wonder and will hopefully become public in the future. Until then, these are the only recordings of Jean Logarin that exist and I am fortunate to have a hand in that process. Full color inserts, pro printed on heavy cardstock, in an edition of 125 copies.