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  • these wonderful evils – regine flory – sparrows and wires

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    “Ok, so I tried to look up exactly who Regine Flory is and found surprisingly little except some vague mentions of her being a French opera singer from around the turn of the century (so if you are “in the know” I would be interested in learning a little more). This baffling revelation, that the name sake of this album by a band I had previously never heard of was also fairly unknown, only plunged me deeper into the dark mystery of this record.

    This is in fact the debut album of this Chicago trio (or is it just one man with some guest accompaniment…the plot thickens), and it is well worth a listen. This is another band whose hauntingly subtle sound pays heavy homage to the many other Middle American greats. With buzzing, growling chords suspended on wisps of singing feed back the album opens with a nicely crooned dark ballad. The rest of the album continues in this incredibly sparse sound and ploddingly meditative tempos that are always accompanied with very well placed strums. This is a definite gem of an album for those who still enjoy the solitary sounds of a man and his guitar.

    The real beauty on this one comes from the range in tones used; from the incredibly muscular overdriven tones of the opener to the much more ethereal acoustic and a capella ponderings interspersed among the remaining tracks. The effects are pleasantly minimal, reverb, fuzz, and maybe a hint of tremolo, but always the pure tone of the guitar and voice is the emphasis. This is definitely one you must check out if you are into earlier Songs: Ohia, Pearls Before Swine, or Skip Spence as this is probably the best release of this ilk that I have heard since Pyramid Electric Company. 8/10 — Kevin Richards

  • these wonderful evils – parade room – sparrows and wires

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    Vinyl only pressing of 504
    mage Available
    numbered edition of 504. home cooked post-psf tkop fsa x/way solo joint. mixed geography in orange. close mic-ed and creaking chair. magazine love. song for bobby neuwirth. exquisite fucking happy televised thompson trails. sola sound mk5. sunn and silvertone. still the spirit of ’66. for ron asheton. for john martyn… following 2008′s excellent regine flory, parade room is a dark and awe-inspiring beast, starting with sub-aqua tendrils of guitar echoing laughing stock & tim buckley’s blue afternoon. the magical thing about this record is the incredible balance of excellent guitar playing and extreme noise, suddenly you’re buried inside hawkwind’s p.a. system listening to bert jansch at full volume, and then you’re on side two listening to the bastard son of ‘lady godiva’s operation,’ writing a paranoid letter from the lower east side, circa 1968. timeless, fascinating and very highly recommended!– recklessrecords

  • these wonderful evils / last eyes – split

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    we’re pleased to present this split from Chicago’s Zak Boerger (aka These Wonderful Evils), and Val Franz (aka Last Eyes). The tape presents two very different approaches to solo guitar, with Boerger’s acoustic psych-raga meanderings and Franz’s noisy and frenetic dose of ambient-punk. Original artwork by the Planted crew, and mastered for cassette by Brian Marcus.