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  • three legged race – as ed sunspot – night people

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    Recorded at Resonant Hole, Lexington, KY, Fall/Winter 2010.

  • three legged race – rope commercial vol. 2 – vitrine

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    Vitrine inaugurates 2015 with the second volume in the Rope Commercial series courtesy Kentucky-based artist, Robert Beatty. Since the early 2000s, Beatty has been a stalwart of the American underground. He’s expanded his palette in recent years with solo forays as Three Legged Race. Rope Commercial Vol. 2 finds Beatty venturing further beyond the pale, delivering two sides of sinkhole electronics straight out of a dusted Igloo LP or an anomalous 8” flexi of Kansai post-punk. Wordless distance is traveled in miniature. Throughout the fulgent diversity of the cassette’s twenty minutes, Beatty exemplifies the unhurried poise of a master. Sound for the end of ozone. Preparations for the empty closet. Limited to 150 copies.

  • three legged race – scattered duels thawing – mountaain

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    live on wrfl and wnur, march / april 2009

  • three legged race – persuasive barrier – spectrum spools

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    Three Legged Race is the ongoing, ever-evolving project of Robert Beatty, a Lexington, Kentucky-based multi-media artist and founding member of noise band Hair Police. 2012 has been a busy year for Beatty, as he’s provided his personal brand of visual art for countless excellent albums, and has also released new audio works (the outstanding Wrong Element 12″ on Acoustic Division is essential). Persuasive Barrier is the debut full-length album from Three Legged Race, recorded over a period of five years. The album begins with “Traces of a Wet Crowd,” creating a spacious and synthetic environment for the album to unfold upon with its rolling, cryptic vocal spray and high-frequency pulsing. “Traces” seamlessly collides with “Permethrin,” a track which suspends the listener in juxtaposed clatter and wide open space. “Persuasive Barrier” plays like a lost Mort Garson theme accidentally found on Haruomi Hosono’s soundtrack to the fictional film Cochin Moon. The lonely vocal passages and dream-like melody trails lead the listener down a very personal path, where the visual and audio aspects of Beatty’s world leave the artist exposed for your examination. Listen carefully, these moments are woven together in a complex way that warrants repeat visits to this special stasis. The flip of Barrier starts with the warm “Butter Colored Hallway,” which hovers over the stereo field like a hot cloud, slowly moving and dripping micro details as it floats into “Locked Eyes,” which is another wonderful and melodic passage. The album heads for the abstract and jagged (“Budgeting Air”) before arriving at a complex bed of rhythms (“Permethrin II”) where the album comes full circle. Persuasive Barrier sees Beatty organize many of his musical ideas and themes old and new into a fluid, flowing and comprehensive debut. Mastered by James Plotkin.

  • three legged race – living order / mourning order – tone filth

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    Robert Beatty, who may be better known as a member of Hair Police, Eyes & Arms of Smoke & a contributor to Burning Star Core, has been creating some of his most interesting material under the name Three Legged Race. Living Order / Mourning Order is a reissue of a pair of releases from 2006, Living Order primarily focusing on micro-tonal shifts and movement & Mourning Order setting aside most (but not all) of the tones for composition. A lesson in the beauty of modern electronics. Edition of 335 with 3 color screen print and artwork by Robert Beatty.