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  • tovah olson & tony conrad – let there be music – tovinator

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    One-sided release. “YES!!! Finally!! Angus and Bon Scott would def label this knockout collab as grade A T-N-T!!! Here’s how it went down: The Machines were kicking it Brooklyn style last January for some jam time with Burning Sess Core, and the Tovinator had a solo slot in Glasslands on Super Bowl Sunday. Seeing how we both were worked up from the Pitts power plays and amazing Puck and Queen B quality time, Thurston added fuel to the fire and suggested that Conrad hit the stage with Tovah. Seeing how Tony only had his pajamas and an rusty old auto harp in tow, the aural jam scape was destined to be stripped down and tense. So here are the results!! Tovah on tin can ‘voice,’ tapes, and the sheet metal/spring ‘mailbox’ sculpture and Tony on unprocessed auto harp. No drone sound in sight, just a clanging, echoed, tangled sharp barbed nasty JAM. Super duper, like nothing else in either discography. Could be seen as a celebration in real time to the STEELERS, with STEEL and STRINGS. Amazing!!!! Edition of 200 in super weird covers, hand numbered.” –
    – John Olson