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  • troy schafer – untitled no. 3 – cabin floor esoterica

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    Troy Schafer is a violinist and sound artist from Madison, WI and here he continues his series of short-form, compressed musique concrete and free improvisation pieces. Side A is an acoustic exploration of screams, scrapes and deep vibrating bellows. Moments of a silent room captured almost as often as the raucous cloud of unknown objects, shaking and calling out. Side B is erratic, untold hours of material chopped together into an unrelenting ride. Dirty synthesizer grinds collide with time shifting rewind/fast-forward movements, environmental recordings and tape workouts.

    An edition of 100 grey tapes with painted labels in a chipboard box with pasted-on artwork, stamped side, three inserts (one a statement from the artist, one with photography from the artist, and one handwritten catalog number slip) and either a tuning peg (24 copies) a broken string (34 copies) or bow hair (42 copies) from the artist. Items are randomly selected.

  • troy schafer – action for solo violin – dusty grass imprint

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    In an effort to remain true to the tonal values relative to the weight of an arm, tension of a bow, placement of a stick and gravity, I crafted a formal etude for critical listening and physical restraint. The score combines text and photos of my moving body with intuitive diagrams painted on transparencies. This 30 minute tape recording is a document of my 7th reading of that score as performed on violin.

    -Troy Schafer