tuluum shimmering

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  • clime – two crests – space slave

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    Loopy jams for all day adventures
    Type II 90 minutes cassette
    Music by Jake Webster and Jimmy Billingham
    Art by Carl Koopmans
    Space Slave 23
    Ed 100

  • rites for the new sun – golden lyre records

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    Golden Lyre Records CD-R: Rites for the New Sun, Day 33 / 4:27am:
    Inside the temple of the Thousand Sparrows / Recorded under the direction of J. Webster

  • tuluum shimmering – five – self released

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    C15 cassette – 2013 – vocals, organ, hand drums, flutes, guitar.

  • tuluum shimmering – orange & white feathered string – old frontiers

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    The inimitable Tuluum Shimmering returns! Ascending, transcending, floating down the River Nile.
    Artwork by Sean Gadoury. Pro-duplicated. Edition of 50.

  • tuluum shimmering – music & films 2009 to 2011 – self released

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    “a dvdr of data from the tuluum archives, picking up from where the previous uploads (http://archive.org/search.php?query=cre … mmering%22) left off, with 36 unheard recordings from 2010-11, and also including the video files of the ‘Khual Yaang: To Summon The Spirits’ films, originally self-released in 2009.

    nearly 4.5gb of files, with double-sided sleeve art and poster insert designed by sean gadoury and drew taylor.
    you know what to expect – ultimate rainforest transcendence from the shamanic looper extraordinaire.”
    -Jimmy Billingham (venn rain/tidal)

    Incredible collection; highly recommended, worth it alone for the video “khual yaang.” Ive listened to some of these tracks as Jake posted them through the last few years and there’s some beautiful sounds in here, look forward to a long winter with this nearby.And this set is something you will chew on and slowly digest for quite some time. Huge thanks to jimmy & jake for getting this out into the world and pricing it so affordable.

  • tuluum shimmering – heart of sky, heart of earth

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    Epic is understating the scope of these 90 minutes. This project carries a torch unlike any other, from a world strangely familiar, as illuminated as ever. Employing keys, strings, and intertwining percussive elements each piece methodically snowballs into a massive crescendo before collapsing with a sigh as the next chapter simultaneously unfolds. edition of 125 -50 on grey shells, 75 on clear.