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  • v/a = pool water, people pollution, imaginary unit in electronics – learning for insipid zeal – american tapes

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    Whoa! Hold on now! Here’s the big
    one! All recorded in a one week in late April, here’s the line up:
    Track One ) Pool Water: Super new heavy unit with Connelly, Zone One and
    Mega Mike Collino. Violin, kitchen percussion, slow tapes – every ingredient
    to make your pulse quicken/slow- en!!! The track sounds more akin to a Cook
    Labs recording of a train journey thru a snow covered mountain at midnight
    rather than three mug blokes in ultra concentrated jam mode…. Will make
    your skin stand at attention, soldier!! Recorded in Inzane-Dimension sound with
    the IZTF in full effect mode. Mad style: File Under: Misshapen Jam Growths.
    Track Two ) People Pollution: What the? Ultra distorted retardo basement
    rock trio with Juice & Raddix (AKA Raven Strain Matt and Fag Health AKA Sick
    Llama Heath) on guitar and bass and Inzane on plodding go nowhere drumming.
    Was meant to be a Justice-style garage unit turned Frankenstein- style into a
    twisted distorted Mega-mess! Recorded under the influence of afternoon sun,
    left over Milwaukee Beasts from the Aries Assault party, and the shadows of
    the dank interiors of the Frying Pan. WARNING! = worst guitar/bass tone on
    earth!! Would make Joe Young, Vorkriegphase, and Wretched sell they kitty
    littered amp speakers for opening a Baskin and Robin’s Franchise. Just a
    stinking rocking mess of a track!! More to come by this mutant unit! Name taken
    from a strange puzzle the puzzler master Tovah found in a rotten Lansing
    thrift store.
    Track Three ) Imaginary Unit in Electronics: Im sure ya’ll are like “Why
    not just call the jam J?” Well, Im not quite sold on the concept of being that
    you cant take the square root of a negative, but you CAN call it a J and
    then next thing you know it has a value of 1 or-1. Huh? When rad Instructor
    Max got asked the question by a stunned Electrical Math class, he just looked
    down, counted his voltage, current, and resistance markers and said, “Well,
    that’s a discussion for Carl Jung.” Shit, lost me too. Like the button my
    crazed mom had (no ya turkey, not the OVERSEXED one) , = “Ninety Percent of
    Life is Just Showing Up.” True. Soundtrack for confusion, included.
    So what the hell else for this heavy pack? How about a stupid-colorful
    overload hand painted collab jackets with artist Raymond Salvatore Harmon,
    painted in Automatic Writing Style. Why? Cause Tyfuss once told me “Zines and
    Collaborations keep the underground scene together and alive” You got it!!!
    Killer flow and strange new sounds will leave your day inzanity haunted with
    this new comp platter!!! Go nutzo young player. Edition of 100, numbered, hand
    done, THE WORKS.

  • v/a – learning for insipid zeal two – american tapes – one sided lp

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    Maths Balance Volumes, Dog Lady, Infecto, Olson/Rammer, Oil of Beauty
    one-sided LP
    WHOA!! New Heavy 
    Unitz Alert! Second installment of this new series of young bloodz, boiling to 
    destroy! NEW NEW!!This wax is a hyper stoker. Complete “story for your ears” 
    comp style with lurking flow holding all the sounds together. Here’s some 
    audio clay to mold your own twisted soundtrack: