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  • kyle landstra / gardener / difference clouds / villages – skyward territories – baro records

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    Kyle Landstra
    I. Upon a Field of Suspended Orbs
    Recorded on November 30th, 2014 in one live session
    Composed for a show at Space Oddities in Chicago, IL. on November 18th utilizing an Ensoniq ESQ-1, Waldorf Blofeld, and Roland Juno 106 with effects

    I. Alive in the Living Room
    II. The Eyes Glister
    written and performed by dash lewis using modular synthesizer, voice, and pedals
    Kirikou the dog featured on “Alive in the Living Room”
    Recorded to tape in November and December 2014 at home in Chicago, IL.

    Difference Clouds
    I. Diet Gaiden
    II. Kuang Grade
    III. Void Conjecture (Memory)
    IV. Mobius Return
    V. Desert Scene
    Korg 03R/W, Yamaha DX11, samples, computer arranged

    I. Old Chants
    II. Thin Line of Shadow
    III. Vacant Vast Surrounding
    IV. Departure
    Recorded and performed by Ross Gentry – August/September 2014

    Mastered by Odd Nosdam at BurnoCo, Berkeley
    Collages by Colin Blanton
    Layout by Kevin Hein

  • villages / grant evans – split – sunshine ltd.

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    This split finds Villages on the A side showcasing signature acoustic drone and folk instrumentation during an expertly composed 20+ min. movement. On the B side we find some of Evans’ best work to date, with cut up acoustic guitars meandering through magnetic tape murk. Both sides conjure up images of tales told long ago inside the walls of cities and basements of workshops long since forgotten. Includes download code.

  • villages / divine circles – split – hooker vision

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    On this split between Villages and Divine Circles, both residents of Asheville, NC, we are presented with complimentary approaches to organic, instrumental music. On the A side, Villages offers five somber pieces of winter melancholy and longing. While on the B side, Divine Circles counters with a joyous 26 minute epic that rises towards the sun like spring flowers.

  • villages – sun control – sacred phrases

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    Tread a hopeful stress wind errant. Glide boughs of near composure. Walled against continual fade. Wistful turning. limited edition of 100.

  • villages – staying and waiting – kimberly dawn recordings

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    I’m so pleased to be able to present the work of Villages for our 50th release. Ross Gentry’s music is a unique mixture of sweet melodic and textural ambience that pulls on heart strings and washes into the subconscious. This release sees him at the top of his game with two movements of pastoral bliss reminiscent of the more open ended work of Dead Can Dance. Presented in a numbered edition of 50 hand stamped 3″ cdrs.

  • villages / merryl – split – houseway recordings

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    Two sides of beautiful drone from Ross Gentry and William Isenogle. Mastered by Dean Inman, Cover art by Lisa Nance, Screenprinted dust cover and center label by Daniel Abide and insert by William Isenogle. We went all out on elaborate and lovely packaging for this one.

  • villages – theories of ageing – bathetic

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    Asheville, NC’s Ross Gentry takes his time fine-tuning his art. Theories Of Ageing is a pinnacle; prime example of the painstaking process a true artist can go through to sculpt a masterpiece.

    Gentry picks up his Villages mantle and flows beyond himself, taking his delicate sounds to an epic field of staggering, emotional landscapes. Theories Of Ageing takes a sound process, weaving elements together, and in its finality, what’s what is left in the wind. Delicate floating synth atmosphere with open-tuned acoustic guitar strums, banjo and piano slide in and out of the spaces, creating an entirely enchanting, if a bit haunting record. As a reference, Villages takes on a level of ambient artistry seen throughout the works of Labradford or Stars Of The Lid; never scared to embrace more than just textural sound layers; but also build, mould, and shape pure music. This is not background art.