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  • wave temples – floating garden / hidden temple – rainbow cult

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    deeper ocean, secret island

    experimental nature recording new age devotional floating forest secret maps

    ~ as i embark to new destinations and coming future adventures, the year has come to an end with yet one more humble offering from this magic island. meant only as a conclusion to the previous installments from this year (‘keys..’ ~ Rainbow Pyramid & ‘In the shade’ ~ Dept Tapes) ….. ‘floating garden / hidden temple’ is 32 minutes deeper into the hazy fog of the island… dark pool portals that start at the floating garden, but proceed downward into the abyss of the lake of the hidden temple… through the entrance of the seven prism post outlook… past the 4 headed birds of paradise… bearing witness to the twin serpent shrine at the heart of the thicket… of sacred monkey temples… and the elephant fortress… to bird offerings at the Palace of the Orb Weaver….. and ‘hiss of the fang that island shore’… finally reaching the coconut mangrove and marking the departure onward towards Hawaiki….. not really a suggested tape for introductions, but more a map of new secret meeting places here on the inner isle – microphones in the trees

  • wave temples / heat sureens – split – rainbow pyramid

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    Dusty Headed Sojourners Reach the Apex by Dusk. Split Cassette from II hidden Florida’s.

  • wave temples – sleeping tortugas – rotifer

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    edition of 50

    Island secrets revealed. A walk in a wake of a dream, left by Florida to unwind. ‘Sleeping Tortugas’ is Wave Temple’s 4th cassette release. WAVETEMPLES.TUMBLR.COM Duplicated on type II, chrome cassettes at Rotifer’s new wooded headquarters. Spray painted shells with color stickers, color insert with track listing. Download code included.