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  • wet hair – radiant lines – nnf

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    Amazing new pair of singles by this ever-evolving Iowa City kraut-pop duo-turned-trio comes in a stunning full-color 22-page pro-printed art book of brand new works by Wet Hair main-men, Shawn Reed and Ryan Garbes. Limited to 500 copies.

  • wet hair – glass fountain – nnf

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    Welcome back. One of NNF’s total favorite active bands return with a second full-length (most of which was recorded during the same sessions that birthed their debut LP, Dream) and we are pleased as spiked fruit punch. The Reed/Garbes duo mainly sticks to their guns, mining the same post-Suicide art-trance vein they perfected on Dream, but with Glass Fountain there’s an added emphasis on the disembodied, oscillator pop mode that Wet Hair often toy with. Fountain’s five tracks include some of the band’s simplest but catchiest songs (“Crucifix In The Waves,” “When The Right Time Comes,” etc), mesmerizing organ melodies over plink-plonky vintage drum machines with weirdo soulful singing and outer space electronics, like an outsider-punk Silver Apples or something. Hard to say exactly what universe Wet Hair are operating in and that’s probably part of why we love it so much. A killer record that gets better each spin. In jackets with art drawn and designed by the band, plus a pro-printed 11×11 insert. Edition of 600

  • wet hair – dream – nnf

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    When Iowa City freak-out free-rockers Raccoo-oo-oon called it quits last year it left a bummer scar in the Midwest underground scene. But time is a great healer, and so are new bands. So out of the ashes of the RAC pack comes Wet Hair, a synth-punk-trance duo composed of keyboardist/vocalizer Shawn Reed and keyboardist/drummer Ryan Garbes, and Dream is the band’s debut vinyl full-length after a series of increasingly shredding limited-edition cassettes on their own Night People label. Piling together an unlikely trash heap of Suicide-style drum machine beat-bops, zone-droned krautrock keys, and fucked up outsider crooning, the LP’s four tracks careen across a spectrum of moods and mangled melodies. Recorded at Flat Black Studios by Luke Tweedy and mastered by Pete Swanson, Wet Hair’s cult electric annihilation has never gleamed with such razor-edged weirdness; this is their dream made real. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with artwork by Reed and Garbes, plus a pro-printed full-color 11×11 insert. CD edition available on Release The Bats.

  • wet hair/ naked on the vague- split – is night people

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    Prime split LP from Iowa City’s Wet Hair and Naked on the Vague from Sydney Australia. Both bands have a slew of releases on a host of good labels but this might be the best offering from both yet. The release feels cohesive despite being a split long player with the similarities in aesthetic ideas and sounds of the two groups being taken into consideration. Despite both bands recently taking on new members beyond there duo origins both stick to the duo lineup for this release. Wet Hair is at there most composed taking on more pop sensibilities then prior recordings, focusing on the melodies both vocally and musically but retaining the psychedelic pulse of older material. Naked on the Vague follow with the focus on melody but draw things out as well into instrumental addition and subtraction, letting the effected variety of sound sources battle it out only to decay together in the end.

  • ryan garbes – s/t – nna

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    Iowa City resident and Wet Hair member Ryan Garbes conducts a twenty-minute psychedelic one-man-band workout. A grand fusion of intense Farfisa shred, out-jazz, acid rock, surf mentality and hazed-out croon mantras.