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  • white fang – whatever – gnar tapes

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    “This is White Fang’s Whatever. Starts with the skate/stoned new punk classic “Duh” and ends with the original shred/celebration-grunge jam classic version of “I’m So Happy (I Could Die).” This tape blows Pure Evil (which is officially OUT OF PRINT) out of the sky. Featuring White Fang recordings dating back from 2007 and jams as new as earlier this year (2009). For sure to be a classic. Sick black tapes in spray-painted snap cases with an even sicker slice of fabric from the cosmos with liner sheet. 23 minutes”
    -gnar tapes

    early gnar tapes release,tough to find, i cant find a single mention of this as a tape besides the original description i had. This is the copy i had set aside for myself. Price is high but feel free to email lower offers in with a nice story of why youd really like this tape or something like that.
    Or just pay the price and know that we dont really make money doing this and all money goes back into supporting weirdo small labels. thanks

  • white fang – grateful to shred – gnar tapes

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    toned spastics White Fang return with their 3rd full-length, a joyride through eleven tracks of shred-pop drug-punk power hits. These are the songs you may have seen the boys ripping through for the past year or so. Hot of the heels of a split 7″ with Boom! and right before the release of a new EP recorded with Adam Forkner (White Rainbow) and the subsequent release of the LP version of “Grateful to Shred” on Marriage Records later this year. Songs about getting high, being stoked, going on tour, girls, etc. Pro-dub/pro-print cassette with collectable catalog card and digital download. (Tracks: Grateful to Shred, Funny Disguises, Can’t Find My Weed, Fuck Up A Fascist (I’m Down), Not Listening, Beatles of Death, Gnar Shred, Small Amp, Mama, Feeling Shitty)