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  • white fir – lake seeds​ / ​pale smoke laid low – cabin floor esoterica

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    4 tapes with color/painted labels in a cloth drawstring bag with fold out liner notes, a small watercolor painting, an 8 page poem/zine, a photo, and a small painted/handwritten/numbered insert. An edition of 30 copies.
    White Fir was a project from Jordan Spencer using the name R. Franklin. There were three cassettes released between 2010 and 2014. The recordings use a variety of instruments and non-instruments but most prominently feature tape, viola, piano, guitar and microphones.

    The music is often texturally focused, spinning into repetition, cutting in and out with the click of a pause button, speaking to fragmentary memory and borrowing and reconfiguring material from outside and in. There is a certain in-the-moment feeling to the recordings, often recorded and forgotten for months at a time, only to be obsessively rearranged and reworked later. The influences are heavily rooted in words and images as much as sounds and there is an attempt to reach something new and transcendent just as often as there is an attempt at creating a simple comfort. This is music to carry through the day, to remind and cause forgetting, to lay a base for a slow movement.

    I really hope you can find some enjoyment and comfort in it.

    This set includes the entire previously released “Lake Seeds” trilogy, plus a new tape of previously unreleased work titled “Pale Smoke Laid Low”.

    Tape 1: Lake Seeds vol. 1 Whistling Lichen Morn
    Previously released as Cabin Floor Esoterica #21
    in two editions of 11 copies during the summer of 2010
    Tape 2: Lake Seeds vol. 2 An Afternoon in the Hair of the Earth
    Previously released as House of Sun 029
    in an edition of 50 copies during the autumn of 2011
    Tape 3: Lake Seeds vol. 3 When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again
    Previously released as Ambivalent Soap 008
    in an edition of 40 during the autumn of 2014
    Tape 4: Pale Smoke Laid Low
    Previously unreleased recordings from around 2012 to 2015