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  • white poppy – natural phenomena – not not fun (Copy)

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    Limited European tour cassette edition of Crystal Dorval’s sophomore White Poppy full-length, Natural Phenomena. Same content as the LP but housed on pale pink pro-dubbed tapes with violet-imprinted shells. About 55 currently in stock. Here’s the NNF text from before: “Crystal Dorval from Vancouver, Canada has been making healing, distorted rug-gaze music from a coastal mindset all her own since 2011. Natural Phenomena is her second album, and it echoes 2013’s previous self-titled effort in its isolationist origins, as the record emerged slowly across a 9-month retreat alone on a farm on Vancouver Island: “Some days I would only add one tiny guitar line or keyboard texture and that would be it for the day… it was a long process.” However grueling and gradual the method, what accrued is gold – 10 of Dorval’s deepest dreamdives, starry ambient pools, and dissolved guitar designs, ghosted through a lens of grey-skied pop. Songs wax and wane across faded rainbows of guitar, sunrise keyboards, looped percussion, and vocal ocean-spray. Behind Dorval’s gauze of warm noise glows something pure and newer than new age: “My hope is that these positive feelings will be communicated sonically, or in essence, and will be enriching for listeners.” A high height for a climbing talent; White Poppy blooms on cliffs of light. Written and recorded by C. Dorval. Mixed and mastered by J. Arner. Artwork by C. Dorval.”

  • white poppy – s/t – not not fun

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    British Columbian inner-peacenik Crystal Dorval’s “experimental therapeutic pop” project White Poppy has been evolving and percolating into fresh forms the past couple years but last winter she ventured out from her bedroom haven, packing a satchel full of 4-track tapes and boarding a boat across the Strait Of Georgia to the town of Ladysmith, on Vancouver Island, to The Noise Floor Recording Studio, to mastermind and mix the ten deluxe, delirious, dream-gaze gems comprising her self-titled full-length debut. The trek was a triumph. Fusing the warm, washed tonalities of her earliest cassette-blurred lotus meditations within a richer range of glittering guitar gestures, sky-way keyboard cascades, and neon-violet vocal refractions, the collection captures the catchy, dizzy fuzz and textured, opiated heights of Dorval’s deceptively vulnerable songcraft. The see-sawing balance of faded, forlorn freefalling (“Emotional Intelligence,” “Existential Angst”) with buoyant, blissed independence-pop (“Wear Me Away,” “Without Answers”) conjures a real rainbow mood ring three-dimensionality, a kaleidoscope of intimate drifter soul. True-gaze for a newer age. Extensive debut UK/European tour this spring. Full-color j-cards with Parthenon-portraiture artwork by Ms. Dorval and imprinted pink cassettes. Hand-numbered edition of 100.

  • white poppy – drifters gold – constellation tatsu

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    Light touches of curved liquid sable highlight clouds above a mermaid’s island on a page of white. The swim-bubbled treasure gleams the blissful pleasure of Summer leisure, where at any time of day you’ll find an iridescent glow. As incredible as a dream.